Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Still Have a Chance to Get Tickets to WWDC 2012

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A newly launched site by a seasoned app developer aims to allow a redemption those who didn’t get a chance to purchase tickets for this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference.
Even though each ticket was listed at $1599, each and every one of the available tickets to Apple’s anticipated, annual Worldwide Developers Conference sold out within two meager hours after the event was even announced. The growing demand for the tickets was probably the effect of the late announcement made by the Cupertino-based company, which will be taking place on June 11 – June 15. puts you on sort of a waiting list. For those who want to sell their tickets to the event, the site is a great place to do so. Those who are desperately wanting to get their hands on tickets should be able to given a large amount of people have now decided not to go afterwards purchasing a ticket on the day of the announcement.
The site states:
We believe there are people who purchased WWDC tickets that do not plan to actually attend. There are various reasons for doing so and we understand but it has created three problems:
The tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, which has caused purchasers to experience a financial loss.
Many developers (like us) won’t be able to attend WWDC.
WWDC turnout may be lower than expected.
This website is meant to help track the scale of this issue and provide a potential solution to Apple dev community. If there is evidence that the problem is widespread enough we will potentially catch Apple’s attention. We hope Apple will then refund people who have entered their Apple IDs here and ultimately utilize the returned tickets to satisfy those developers genuinely interested in WWDC. For more information email:
Currently, Apple doesn’t provide the slightest method for customers to get a refund for tickets that have previously been purchased. The site aims to open Apple’s eyes while also securing people who initially wanted to go, a chance to.
Were you planning on attending? Let us know if you have success. Visit Apple’s dedicated web page here for more information on the event – it’s rumored iOS 6 will be announced, among other things.

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