Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Compare 5 Battery Cases for iPhone 4S

If the way to overcome the wasteful battery in the iPhone 4S is not enough to help you save battery life on the iPhone, and resulting in wasteful batteries, then we suggest you use one of the following five battery case. All ofbattery cases is designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with the main function to extend battery life so you could stay connected with the outside of world via the iPhone 4/4S.

Elite PhoneSuit famous cause it’s thin and have super-fast charging capability. The thickness is only 17mm, very thin but able to making a double of the battery lifes of iPhone 4/4S.  Elite PhonesSuit capable to recharging the iPhone from empty battery condition,  in two hours and offer the ability to switch from using the existing power in case or power on the iPhone.

Battery Boost: Up to 15 hours talk time, up to 44 hours audio playback
Harga: $79.95

2. EXOGEAR Exolife

EXOGEAR Exolife available in black and white and have the capabilities doubling the battery. Exolife claim to be the world's thinnest case weighing 59 grams and 14.9mm thick. Exolife has a battery power indicator on the back so its only be used if iphone needed, with polycarbonate protection.

Battery Boost: Up to 7 hours talk time, up to 40 hours audio playback
Cost: $79.95

3. Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Mophie Juice Pack Plus available in a variety of colors that you can choose. iPhone battery case is able to make the iPhone battery is more than twice of his ability. By charging via USB, you can set it to 'standby; when you do not need extra power. There are LED indicators that let you see how much battery power is left. In addition to protecting the iPhone, hard-shell case Mophie Juice Pack Plus is specially designed so the audio can still function normally.

Battery Boost: Up to 8 hours talk time, up to 44 hours audio playback
Harga: $99.95

4. Kensington PowerGuard

The ability of the Kensington PowerGuard to save the iPhone battery is not as good as the other battery cases but PowerGuard has a built-in flip-out stand for portrait or landscape viewing. PowerGuard also offers comprehensive protection with the smooth design, built-in volume control buttons and an LED battery indicator.

Battery Boost: Up to 4 hours of talk time, up to 22 hours of audio playback
Harga: $59.99

5. Logic3 PowerSleeve
Like the other battery cases, PowerSleeve also offers battery capabilities is more than twice the original battery capabilities. To consider, PowerSleeve sold cheaper, not up to $ 50. PowerSleeve only available in black and are not designed quite interesting. But if you are looking for battery case with low prices, this PowerSleeve could be a top choice for iPhone 4/4S.

Battery Boost: Up to 7 hours talk time, up to 40 hours audio playback
Harga: $49.99
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Apple Indecisive Regarding iPhone Design to Be Released This Year

iphone 5

Although Apple has yet to officially announce the anticipated next-generation iPhone, rumors have begun to pour in as is the case every year. Apple may in fact be, however, testing two iPhone prototypes, as they’re still deciding which to unveil later this year.
In total, there are at-least two iPhone prototypes floating around the Cupertino campus in “thick, locked shells in order to disguise the exterior design,” according to a report published by 9to5Mac.
Said report cites “independent” sources – they say that the two prototypes are code-named N41AP (5,1) and N42AP (5,2). Each model sports a larger, 3.95 inch screen, which has been the rumored in the iOS world and each includes a resolution of 640 x 1136, or an extra 176 pixels vertically versus the iPhone 4S/4.
To utilize the larger resolution, Apple is said to be testing newer builds of iOS 6 that add support for a fifth row of applications on an iPhone’s home screen and allow for “extended application user interfaces that offer views of more content.”
Both prototypes include a physical home button and also a smaller dock connector lining the bottom.
These latest rumors on behalf of 9to5Mac are similar to others that we’ve been hearing in the recent past with the larger screen and smaller dock connectors especially. The news in this reporting? The fact that Apple is still indecisive regarding the design of the next-generation iPhone which supports the notion that Apple will unveil such a device in the fall rather than next month at WWDC 2012.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yet Another Service to Get Premium Paid Apps Completely Free

free app daily

While it’s not a new offering, FreeAppDaily has thus far been my number one stop for getting paid applications absolutely free – it’s legal, it’s easy and it supports app developers.
Boasting both a web app and also an application on the App Store, FreeAppDaily allows users to get popular paid applications without paying. By simply downloading and opening three sponsor apps, you’ll be awarded with a functional promotional code to download the featured app for each day.
Once the supply of a given app depletes, another will be offered. These can be decided by the users thanks to an integrated voting system that allows you to vote for a select list of apps to be freed next. Each day you visit the voting section, you get one more vote – three additional votes will be awarded to the user every third day.
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Doodle Tales App Review – Let Loose Your Child’s Creativity

Doodle Tales

Europress, a leading producer of family-orientated video games, launched their third iOS endeavor onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Doodle Tales allows children to unleash their imaginations. Best of all, it’s completely [mostly] free.
Doodle Tales allows children to organize their thoughts and concentrate them into making fully-functional storybooks.
Many tools are provided for composing doodles. These include brushes (pencils, crayons, etc.), stamps, borders, backgrounds and more. While some are available for free, Europress has consolidated their large variety of supplies into optional in-app purchases that can be downloaded and later restored to users’ devices, which include people, animals, houses and other things accordingly grouped.
After completing the artwork for a storybook, text and even recorded audio can be added to individual pages to give each significant meaning and personality – this aids in the overall creation of a full-fledged storybook.
Upon the completion of a storybook, you can share your creations to the large database of other users. Stories can be rated, and using this social feature you can also discover other well-created stories, which can be viewed and played.
Although the interface of the application is evidently meant to be used by younger children, it takes some time to get a grip on Doodle Tale’s features. It comes packed with over 20 tutorials representative of its large interface that will require time to get accustomed to. While it’s a good thing that Europress have packed so much into one free app, no young child will be able to utilize every one of Doodle Tale’s functions.
Europress have redefined the educational category of the App Store with Doodle Tales. Not only does it boast an intuitive user-interface with easily navigable menus, the application is equipped with enough content to whet any child’s creativity. You’ll undoubtedly want to check out Doodle Tales for free on the App Store for a worthwhile application catered towards parents and kids alike.
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Spigen SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector Review for iPhone 4S/4


Eventually, all typical screen films either get grubby and nasty, begin to peel in the corners or have ugly spots and scratches. In the case of Spigen SGP’s GLAS.t ($27.99) screen protecting solutions for the iPhone 4S, however, the aforementioned is completely avoidable.
The GLAS.t for the iPhone is a premium tempered glass screen protector catered to users who clumsily and frequently drop their devices. When we first heard about such a product, we thought the idea wasn’t possible – we didn’t know how the developing company, Spigen SGP, could pull off a glass screen protector and meet the sensitivity of the naked iPhone screen while also assuring no damage could be brought to the iPhone’s similarly glass screen.
0.4mm-thick, the GLAS.t is a much superior solution than your usual screen protectors. The process of installation was fairly straightforward. After peeling back the adhesive side, you simply line up the glass with your iPhone’s front and press down in the center; this part of the installation is pretty neat considering you can see the adhesive bonds forming against your screen. You can use the included squeegee to push out any prominent bubbles while smaller bubbles should dissipate within a few days after installation.
Once I installed the GLAS.t any doubts I previously had about it completely disappeared. There are no indications of an additional, virtual screen layering my natural iPhone’s display; instead, the GLAS.t retains the iPhone’s vibrant display capabilities. You don’t even notice the extra layer until you place your finger on the home button and feel the surrounding thickness. For this reason, Spigen SGP have thrown in six home screen covers in three different colors that can be applied.
Similarly, the responsiveness of the screen doesn’t falter one bit. No rough edges, no pressure marks – all just the same as before but with the added satisfaction of a layer of protection.
There was one gripe that I had with the GLAS.t. While the result is fantastic, you only have one shot at installation. You have to position the film perfectly to line up its cutouts with their respective areas on the front of the iPhone on your first try. It’s not like other protectors where you can reposition afterwards. Once installed, the GLAS.t is cemented in place and takes some prying to be removed.
In the past I haven’t quite preferred the lengthy installation processes or the overall result of the various screen protectors I’ve used. While the GLAS.t does have some minor issues, it’s our top recommendation for the most satisfying screen-protecting solution. Without a doubt, the $27.99 investment doesn’t hinder our decision of rating the GLAS.t a 5/5 stars.
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Unique Dribbble Design: Fold to Unlock

fold to unlock

Apple’s patented slide to unlock method for unlocking an iOS device has received a decent revamp via a designer on Dribbble.
While AppAdvice did beat me to the punch in terms of posting this wonderful piece of art, I was looking through Dribbble’s featured section yesterday to come across the following item posted by Austin Kudin.
The method would work like this: instead of sliding to unlock, the user would simply slide their finger from left to right anywhere on the screen to have their lock screen fold away to reveal their homescreen.
The creator, Austin Kudin, does admit that he was inspired by another mockup for Android designed again by a Dribbble user.
Of course, there are some qualms people would inevitably have with such a method. It would allow you to see the homescreen, which could potentially be a problem if you have a passcode – however, there’s really no confidential information on anyone’s homescreen.

Though we probably won’t see such a method to be implemented into iOS by Apple, a jailbreak tweak is imminent.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Absurd Rumor? Bendable iPhone to Come Soon from Apple

We’ve previously heard about the Liquidmetal iPhone – now, another rumor that you should questionably take with or without a pinch of salt: a bendable iPhone.
Future iterations of the iPhone could incorporated Samsung’s OLED display, which is flexible. According to a report by The Korean Times, Samsung has reportedly received a “huge” number of orders for the company’s flexible display.
Industry sources have agreed:
“Apple is likely to be one of the handset makers asking Samsung to provide them flexible screens.”
Apple has yet to confirm such speculation and knowing their past record, they definitely won’t. Thus far, there’s been no confirmation from Samsung’s spokespersons either – they’ve declined to talk about the order and how Apple fits into the whole scheme of things. Another industry official said Samsung “wouldn’t be this bullish about flexible OLED screens if Apple wasn’t sharing its enthusiasm.”
The report noted that Apple (if the company purchasing the screens is in fact the Cupertino-based tech giant) would buy $11 billion worth of the OLED displays and memory screens from Samsung in 2012. Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets is expected to make the switch from LCD to OLED displays later this year; a move that could support that Apple would eventually make the switch for both the next-generation iPhone and potentially the next iPad.
How would you like to see a bendable iPhone?
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Siri Claims Nokia Lumia 900 is ‘Best Smartphone Ever’

Siri best phone

Since the time of her (its?) existence, the iPhone 4S’ virtual assistant, Siri, has gained a reputation for the quirky answers she delivers to some questions.
These kinds of answers have already earned the assistant her own blog for crazy remarks she makes entitled Shit Siri Says. For example, asking Siri where you can hide a body will turn you up with local places among the lines of dumps, reservoirs, and others of the same nature.
Yesterday, though, Siri breached the line of simply crazy remarks and crossed into insane remarks. In a report published by TheNextWeb, Siri has supposedly claimed that the new Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever.
Has Siri suddenly gained a mind of her own and she’s beginning to resent her creators? Most likely not – the answer behind this whole affair lies within the method Siri uses to attain her answers: Wolfram Alpha’s database.
Wolfram Alpha’s service gets its answers, in this department, from the collection of user reviews and such. Since the Nokia Lumia 900 is fairly new, the database of reviews must have been limited and once user probably used the term “best smartphone ever” in his/her review of the handset.
While simply asking Siri, “what is the best smartphone ever?” doesn’t return with the pictured result, you can add an additional term to the beginning. Stating, “Wolfram Alpha what is the best smartphone ever,” prompts Siri to resort to Wolfram’s database and will return with the Nokia Lumia 900 as the answer.
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Review: ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus

Thanks to the folks over at ZOMM, the painful ordeals of leaving your iPhone behind somewhere are imminent. Catering to users who are overly forgetful, the Wireless Leash Plus ($89.99) boasts a method that is mutually clever and helpful and ever so satisfying.

Without the slightest doubt, it’s painful realizing that you’ve forgotten your device once you’ve loaded up and are heading out. It’s even worse when you’re far away from the place where you’ve left it. Although it may seem like the end, ZOMM have successfully endeavored to create the Wireless Leash Plus – an invisible leash for any bluetooth-enabled phone or device that will ensure you never again leave your phone behind.
The amount of things that the Wireless Leash Plus is capable of doing is in no way indicated by its size. About as thick as an iPhone and a bit taller/wider than inch, the key fob will pair to your device via bluetooth and ensure both your device’s ultimate safety as well as your own. When the leash and the paired device are separated past a distance defined by the user, the leash will emit a subtle, but distinct, alarm to alert you. Similarly, walking off without the leash will result in a handy little notification on your phone.

From the point of unboxing the product, ZOMM’s attention to detail is immediately evident. The packaging sports a modern, clean look and everything within the box is neatly arranged in cutouts sized accordingly. The leash has been dedicated the spotlight right in the middle of the initial layer; underneath, you’ll have the manual, a simplified ZOMM keychain, an AC adapter and also a USB charging cable. Upon charging the leash up to the optimal level, indicated by the LED light that will steadily glow, you’ll be able to use all of its functions.
The actual leash boasts a cool, slick aesthetic with measures used to make the actual design as simplistic as possible. The leash comes equipped with a speaker, an LED light, a vibrator, a microphone and one center button. Although the design is minimal, the actual functionality has been executed flawlessly.

Setup requires almost no time at all. The manual details the process. For the iPhone, you simply must toggle bluetooth on via the Settings app (general—>bluetooth) and can thereon pair the two devices. There are two ways to configure the ZOMM to your preference. Without using the free desktop software, you can use the myZOMM app when on the go.

Above product is the Wireless Leash that doesn't work with myZOMM app
The application allows you to control the volume level of the leash. It also allows you to tweak your preferences and activate its “Call Notification” feature to find your ZOMM – this will send a signal to the leash making it emit a loud beep; perfect for situations when you can’t find your keys.
Within the application’s confines, you can also supply the Wireless Leash Plus with an emergency number to call. Set as 911 as default, you can change the number – when this feature is put to use, you can either use the leash or your phone to listen/talk to the receiving party. A simple push of the Z button puts the call through.
The leash radius can be specified in the app as either “short” or “long”. Once you’ve breached this distance, the leash will vibrate, blink and beep.
As an added feature, you can define custom presets. Allowing for an unlimited number, each of the above can be tweaked individually and can also be titled individually. This especially helps.
The amount of features doesn’t end there. As we’ve said above, the ZOMM can be used in lieu of a bluetooth handset. You can switch between the iPhone’s speaker or the leash’s. Additionally, the application offers geo-tagging – utilizing the iPhone’s GPS features, you can take pictures of images and later return to see where they were taken thanks to a map that will be supplied upon clicking on specific images. This can help with finding your car.

While it may be an investment, the Wireless Leash Plus is worthy of your $89.99 no matter what angle you consider. For such a small device, the results are incredibly satisfying. With so many capabilities, the ZOMM Leash Plus is an endeavor that has sufficiently augmented the market for iPhone accessories, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Favorite Magical Puzzle Game ‘Potions!” Receives a Major Update


We were enchanted by dDurian’s debut puzzle game ‘Potions!’ (yes, the ! at the end of the title makes it that much cooler) to the point we awarded the game four out of five stars and kept in touch with the developer about a major update set to change the game’s very landscape. Thus, are happy to report that the game has gone far in improving itself from a polished conglomeration of beautiful artwork with tepid gameplay into a work of fun and addiction.
Today, version 2.0 of ‘Potions!’ was released, bringing with it a whole new game mode. Endless Mode is not a tacked-together merging of Stages into a simple continuous string of alchemy, but rather a full-fledged mode that practically feels like a total contrast to the game’s previous content that greatly expands upon the formula that was already in play. Mixing potions becomes a challenge amidst a speeding “magical” conveyor belt and an innate risk of putting together an incorrect ingredient combination. Potion ingredient difficulty increases as does multiplier, making leaderboard dominance a top priority and one that carries a certain enjoyment.
Once the basics of alchemy are down and potion-mixing becomes natural (through a help dialog that we found to be quite memorable and charming, a huge step-up from writing typically found in games of this nature), we found it easy to get enthralled into the new mode. The timer ticks down fast enough to make you press yourself against the clock to successfully mix each new potion that appears, transpiring gameplay to be fast-paced with multiple layers of challenge requiring a cunning skill set of memorization, speed, and let’s not forget flicking.
Smart, addicting puzzle games with artwork that showcases the Retina Display seem to come along rarely in these copycat days of the App Store. ‘Potions!’ is a compelling treat that is best enjoyed through the new Endless Mode included in the latest update. If you have been looking for a new addiction or are trying to curb your Angry Birds in favor of something with a little more sorcery, give ‘Potions!’ a mixing.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Review: Drive and Jump

Drive and Jump

With a learning cover easy to master by all ages, retro artwork and a whole ton of enticing gameplay obstacles, Drive and Jump ($0.99) is your typical top-down racer with a serious, addictive spin.
As an endless racer, you’ll take control of a stubby little, pixelated car with hopes of traveling as far from your pursuers (the police) and to rack up the most amount of points possible. You’ll tilt to control the car back and forth as it drives forwards automatically and progressively accelerates faster and faster as your gaming session extends.
Your job is to achieve the highest score while avoiding all of the obstacles that are intermittently thrown at you. Whether it’s a moose sitting dead in the middle of the street, something simple like an oncoming car, a police roadblock or a helicopter, there’s no doubt that the game is extremely varied – as you progress, you’ll travel to new worlds that are populated with different enemies and sport environments that vary between one another.
Tapping the screen is your secret weapon: this will launch your car soaring into the air to avoid obstacles on the ground. This also opens the possibility for enemies to roam the skies; if you run into an enemy, you’ll lose one of your three lives. Some even result in an insta-game over.
Though in their current state the controls are flawless, the option for additional methods aren’t existent. You certainly can’t play while in bed nor can you play without eventually madly twisting your hands around. Other ways to play are on their way.
The artwork shows the indie developer’s fondness of games of yesteryear. If you’re a pixel junkie, you’ll adore the retro elements at every corner of the game. The included chiptunes keep your feet tapping along.
Game Center integration with achievements are nice little touch to an already amazing, varied game – it deserves your attention and your $0.99 without the slightest doubt.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Still Have a Chance to Get Tickets to WWDC 2012

waiting list

A newly launched site by a seasoned app developer aims to allow a redemption those who didn’t get a chance to purchase tickets for this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference.
Even though each ticket was listed at $1599, each and every one of the available tickets to Apple’s anticipated, annual Worldwide Developers Conference sold out within two meager hours after the event was even announced. The growing demand for the tickets was probably the effect of the late announcement made by the Cupertino-based company, which will be taking place on June 11 – June 15. puts you on sort of a waiting list. For those who want to sell their tickets to the event, the site is a great place to do so. Those who are desperately wanting to get their hands on tickets should be able to given a large amount of people have now decided not to go afterwards purchasing a ticket on the day of the announcement.
The site states:
We believe there are people who purchased WWDC tickets that do not plan to actually attend. There are various reasons for doing so and we understand but it has created three problems:
The tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, which has caused purchasers to experience a financial loss.
Many developers (like us) won’t be able to attend WWDC.
WWDC turnout may be lower than expected.
This website is meant to help track the scale of this issue and provide a potential solution to Apple dev community. If there is evidence that the problem is widespread enough we will potentially catch Apple’s attention. We hope Apple will then refund people who have entered their Apple IDs here and ultimately utilize the returned tickets to satisfy those developers genuinely interested in WWDC. For more information email:
Currently, Apple doesn’t provide the slightest method for customers to get a refund for tickets that have previously been purchased. The site aims to open Apple’s eyes while also securing people who initially wanted to go, a chance to.
Were you planning on attending? Let us know if you have success. Visit Apple’s dedicated web page here for more information on the event – it’s rumored iOS 6 will be announced, among other things.
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iPhone 4S for $50 Off Original Price at Target


Those who were holding back to buy Apple’s popular iPhone are now in luck. Originally spotted by 9to5Mac, Target has slashed $50 off each model of both the iPhone 4S as well as the iPhone 4.
The entry-level iPhone 4S (16GB) can be in your grubby hands for a meager $149.99 thanks to Target. Further, the entry-level iPhone 4 from 2010 can be had for only $49.99 – said prices are quoted from the above, featured image and require a minimum 2-year contract with the desired carrier.
These prices could very well end soon – they’re available only in store so make sure to check them out as soon as possible if you’ve been scanning the market for good deals on Apple’s prized handset.
Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone model is expected to launch later this year keeping up the fall tradition after the 4S was launched last October. However, this could be an indication that all previous speculation is wrong and that Apple could unveil the next iteration in their ever-expanding lineup sooner than later. Then again, the wheels and cogs on the Rumor Mill are always turning in full gear.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

New iPad Launches in 9 Additional Countries

new ipad

Apple’s newest device has received universal praise from the iOS community as a whole. All across the board, it’s known as a revolutionary tablet with the much-anticipated features it boasts over its predecessor, the iPad 2. With the success the Cupertino-based company have seen in the initial months of sale for the device, they’ve released the tablet in an additional nine more countries.
The new iPad, though in huge demand, has remained to be available when walking into Apple Stores. Obviously, Apple are cranking out the device in their multiple production facilities both day and night to meet the demand.
First released in the U.S., the tablet brings some notable features to the table including a new A5X chip with quad-core graphics, an improved 5 megapixel rear camera, the stunning retina display that boasts a whopping resolution of 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi), and 1080p HD video recording.
Apple has released the new iPad in nine more countries, bringing up the total to a cumulative 57 countries worldwide. Countries added today include Colombia, Estonia, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa, and Thailand.
The same models as sold in the U.S. will be available in the aforementioned countries. However, remember that the new iPad doesn’t support any 4G LTE networks located outside the United States and Canada.
Let us know if you manage to get your hands on the device; it’s absolutely wonderful.
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Urbanista Copenhagen Headphones Review – Squares the Rest


At times, differing from the norm is a great thing – especially in the iOS market with tons and tons of competitive accessories available without substantial perks over one another. The Urbanista Copenhagen headphones have taken creativity to another level; how do they fair?
If there’s one thing you can gleam about Urbanista when you open the packaging for the first time upon receiving a pair of Copenhagen headphones, it’s the evident fact that they’ve invested time and money in perfecting their product’s design. The svelte packaging itself is enough to reflect this. Checking out the headphones further confirms the notion. Polished to the ultimate extent, the pair of over-ear headphones will undoubtedly stand out in comparison to others of comparable breed.
Rather than circular audio outputs, the headphones boast two square shaped pieces that will fit over your ears. Due to the design, though, you have to find the perfect fit by adjusting the top part of the headset to avoid having the headphones slip off every few seconds. However, the square headpieces aren’t too large and attempting to have them cover your areas completely results in the headphones being incredibly loose. The padding is incredibly comfortable.
Visually stunning design in headphones is sometimes short-lived with horrible sound quality. On the contrary, with the Copenhagens, you’ll be presented with crisp mids and extraordinary bass reproduction. The headphones have the potential to surpass the volume level of the natural iPhone speakers as well, which is an obvious advantage.
The headphones come along with a slick carrying case to keep the beats rolling when you’re on the go as well. The two sides of the headphones will fold inwards resulting in a shape slightly resembling a construed semi-circle. Though the headphones, in their respective case, still won’t be compressed enough to be carried around in your pocket, they can very easily be stowed in some sort of baggage.
An aesthetic marvel, the Copenhagens are truly a top contender for your money if you’re looking for some good headphones worthy of showcasing your tunes. If you’re interested, Urbanista sells the Copenhagen headphones online for $99.
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Cygnett ‘Lavish’ Case Review for the New iPad


Over the course of the next few weeks, we here at iPhone Alley will be reviewing a series of highly polished, quality cases from top manufacturers for use with the shiny, new iPad. The second in this upcoming lineup of reviews is for Cygnett’s Lavish case. Priced at the affordable price of $59.99, the case has a lot to offer your new device: a chic leather surface, a folio design with multiple viewing positions, and protection.
Whether you’re using your iPad at home, on a plane or at a local cafe, the Lavish case caters to your every needs. Converting your iPad into a stylish bundle of topnotch leather with a smooth finish, the case will never fail to satisfy.
The main thing to admire with Cyngett’s case for your new iPad is its fulfilling design. Flapping open to reveal the area in which your iPad will be housed, you’ll also be able to fold the flap under the case’s main body to create a sturdy stand. Cygnett have designed the folio case with the utmost care and attention paid to both detail and simplicity.
From the point when you initially set your eyes on the case, you’ll be captivated. The presentation obviously has had tons of love poured into it. There’s no questioning whether or not the quality of the materials used to make the case are authentic or not; they feel and look absolutely wonderful and are made to last from the stitching to the texture of the leather skin.
Installation of the case is simplified to the greatest extent. You slide your device into the slot and then seal it in using the velcro strap that’s attached. The bezel of the iPad is covered by a harder surface that is layered with a soft material. This border attaches to your iPad magnetically, which can be used hand-in-hand with the feature Apple launched in conjunction with their Smart Covers. When you open or close the case, your iPad will wake up or go to sleep, respectively. In the sample unit I was given, there was an issue that prevented the case from performing the above function properly. Fortunately, though, Cygnett have rectified the issue.
Due to the additional layer on top of the bezel of the iPad, it’s quite difficult to reach the volume rockets, the ringer switch and the headphone jack because those are physically in between the back of the case and the extra layer. Similarly, you’ll question whether or not you want to unplug your device once it’s finished charging because you can’t reach the base of the charge & sync cable for this same reason. You need to instead tug on the wire, which is a bit testy in truth.
The case doubles as a stand for use on flat surfaces as an additional bonus. You simply take the flap/cover and fold it under the iPad that will sturdily keep your device standing making it easy to watch movies, type or perform any other similar activity. You can also adjust the viewing angle.
While the case may seem like it won’t reliably safeguard your pricey iPad, it’s actually quite an optimal contender, to say the least. The leather is soft, yes, but there are multiple layers separating your iPad from any harmful surface. For substances and grit, though, the case doesn’t have the potential to prevent those from harming your device as all of your ports are left exposed. Regardless, Cygnett have paid a great deal of attention in the physical aspect of the case and with mastering its portability; it’s light, and it feels right, if you will, to hold. For $59.99, the Lavish Folio case certainly outdoes its affordable price tag by a considerable amount.
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‘On the Wind’ App Review


Many, if not most, of the abundant amount of casual endless running games on the App Store are simply variations of one another varying solely in graphical theme. There have been a few titles that have spun the genre wildly like the popular Jetpack Joyride and now most recently On the Wind ($1.99) that puts you in control of leaves with hopes of blowing in the wind throughout the course of all four seasons – it sounds different, and it truly is.
Your finger is the wind so long as you’re making contact with the screen. This is the driving force that directs the direction of the flying leaves. As you progress, you’ll have to collect leaves from appearing trees to replace the leaves that will imminently fall to the ground and quickly dissolve. If all leaves are lost to the ground or if you’re chased out of the left side of the screen due to the increasing variety of design within the gameplay, it’s game over.
The whole thing isn’t a new idea in truth, but the execution has been mastered artfully with the gameplay having a calming effect on the player. The art in coalescence with the humble background music creates a mood that would otherwise not be present within the game. Developer David Buttress’ focus on creating a relaxing experience outweighs the attention paid to creating a seamless game with tons of features and fun to boast.

The actual gameplay is hindered greatly because of the inclusion of flawed controls. Your finger on the screen controls the movement of leaves, which often causes you to be blind with direction especially with the various areas of land strewn all around in the randomly generated game world that could potentially end your game if crashed into. It’s recommended to play with your left finer all the way to left side of the screen with the sensitivity of your touch cranked up to the highest possible amount, though that’s a disaster when used on an iPhone or iPod Touch. However, playing on the iPad offers some redemption.
With a main focus on alleviating artwork, On the Wind is populated with creatively designed sprites and UI elements. A mix of pixel artwork and more modern techniques produce highly varied environments that differ by environment and sport wonderful background that look absolutely stunning thanks to their optimization of the new iPad’s retina display.
On the Wind doesn’t hold much in terms of gameplay to hold a serious gamer in its grip for too long, but the mood it attempts to retain throughout deserves your $1.99. It’s a good departure from the usual endless running concept that has since become trite and overused. There’s no doubt whether or not On the Wind can be considered a graphical marvel.
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Review: Aeris Rail Bumper for iPhone 4/4S

Rail Bumper 2

Most bumpers of similar breed require an inextricable, complex process of screwing their two halves together with your iPhone housed in between to function properly. With the Aeris Rail ($109.99), however, there’s no nonsense when it comes to assembling the bumper on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Screw free, the bumper is constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum and is [almost] everything you need to reliably protect your phone.
Installation of the bumper is a piece of cake, quite simply. An inner layer of plastic will firstly grip your phone while the actual outwardly visible, aluminum portion of the case goes on afterwards; all you have to do is press each of the four corners of the bumper onto their respective corners on the iPhone. A reassuring click for each corner will signify that you’ve successfully installed the bumper without the risk of it falling off.
If you don’t know what bumpers are exactly, they’re essentially designed to fix around the bezel of the iPhone to provide a good looking solution. While providing a bit of protection, they also allow most of the iPhone’s simplistic elegance able to be seen, which would otherwise not be the case if a full case was used. Unfortunately, the Rail doesn’t come very cheap. In fact, it’s pretty expensive when you compare it to either other competitive bumpers or to full-fledged cases that provide an optimal amount of protection. For over a hundred dollars, you’re really only getting half of a case, but among other half-cases, this is definitely one of the better ones.

For the parts of the iPhone that the Rail actually does safeguard, it’s better than exceptional. The material used to construct the bumper is extremely heavy-duty and could easily withstand a fall. Though your sleep button is covered by a fitted piece of aluminum, the volume buttons are left exposed and are difficult to reach.
The Rail has been designed to give off strong first impressions. Bold colors make up the selection offered by manufacturer Aeris, and a soft coat of gloss is layered on the bumper to give it a shiny, sophisticated look. Currently, it’s available in red, blue, orange, green, pink, purple, black, or silver.
A number of accessories are sold on Aeris’ store to be used in conjunction with the bumper that augment its potential. Kickstands, screen protectors and more can be bought. The Rail bumper surely stacks up higher in comparison to other bumpers. Regardless of its $109.99 price tag, Aeris have designed a real winner here despite some minor qualms that we had.
*Note: The Rail will be discounted to $73 for two weeks soon. Stay tuned to the product’s page via the link below.
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Review: Spigen Modello Series Case for iPhone 4/4S


While most companies attempt to spruce up the pictures of their products to often depict something much more desirable than what they’re actually selling, Spigen SGP, made evident by the product page of their Modello Series Case for the iPhone 4/4S ($14.99), sticks to little or no alterations to the images they’ve posted of their seamless case. Even without these embellishments, the Modello Series Case is as brilliant and alluring as ever – not only do the pictures look great, so does the case itself offering reliable protection at an affordable price.
Available in two different designs each boasting their own bright colors, Spigen have delivered to the fullest extent with their Modello Series Case. Excellent designing and top-notch TPU have coalesced perfectly. Hands down, the case takes the cake for the best packaging. While the case doesn’t break the bank, considering it’s available for a mere $15 in comparison to the multitude of other expensive cases currently available, Spigen have wrapped the case up with the utmost care.
The case itself is soft to the touch but rather tough in truth when attempted to be bent making it imperceptible to snapping in half (it’s happened with a case in the past…). You’ll notice right off the bat that no additional bulk will be added to your phone when the case has been applied, if you will. Installation is fairly easy: you simply slide one end of your phone in and then gently press in the other. There are no complex steps nor advanced procedures to getting the case on your phone. Rather, it’s easy to put on and also to take off.

What’s the catch you may ask? Nothing really. Spigen have simply aimed low in terms of price, but have exceeded expectations in the execution aspect. The Modello is made out of your ever day TPU material, which is seen in many other iPhone cases. There’s nothing revolutionary here except that Spigen have perfected a case for a slight $15 that can easily compete with other cases on the market that are retailing at whopping amounts that potentially go up to triple the amount Spigen are charging with this case.
The Modello Series adds almost no extra bulk to that of the naked iPhone. Instead, it feels sleek and easy to carry around. Although it only provides protection to the back of the iPhone, the portion of the case that layers the bezel of the device is raised slightly past the edge of the iPhone making it unlikely for a drop to seriously harm your screen. Spigen are irrefutably masters of design, however, the Modello case felt a bit sharp when held tightly. The edges were pointed beyond what they should have been which caused the case to dig into my palms and feel uncomfortable. Regardless, there are two styles that the Modello Series comes in, which look absolutely awesome due to their slight transparency that easily lets light through and illuminate the plus signs or alternatively the vertical bar designs on the back of the iPhone.
If you were to give me the Modello Series Case and have me guess what it may cost, I would never expect it to be so cheap. In person, the case reflects the qualities of a high-quality rather expensive form of protection and leaves no room for improvement other than the minor qualm I had regarding the edges of the case. For $15, Spigen have maximized the capabilities of the Modello Series Case for the iPhone 4/4S making it a sure recommendation from our side.
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Swordigo App Review – A Simplistic RPG Executed Flawlessly


Lacking all of the extra bulk included in normal role-playing games, Swordigo ($1.99) focuses on the main forte of said titles of similar breed: hacking and slashing through arsenals of respawning enemies. Though it doesn’t boast an inextricable system of deciding from one of three classes, choosing from a seemingly endless plethora of weapons, armor and magic, level grinding or the most realistic 3D assets, arguably for better or for worse, Touch Foo’s newest flawlessly combines platforming with RPG elements to bring you an overwhelming amount of enjoyable content.
Like most, Swordigo begins with introducing you to the back story while also explaining the basics along the way. There’s not all of that not needed jazz regarding picking a character or a class, like we’ve mentioned above. Instead, you’re stuck controlling the spiky-haired dude you’ll see in all of the following screenshots. After learning that a fellow villager has gone missing in a nearby forest, you go out in search for him.

As you traverse through the initial level setups, you’ll slowly be introduced to the controls. Left and right buttons will control left and right movement. The worlds are composed of many platforms for which you’ll need to jump and double jump to reach. There’s also an attack button and a magic button, which uses one of four spells that you’ll collect throughout the whole game. Once you reach the lost villager who has unfortunately passed away and ha snow become a wise ghost, you’ll discover that there’s no light at the end of the cave. In other words, evil is approaching.
Beyond this initial introduction, the game opens up with quests. You’ll navigate through a ton of areas, each differing from one another with unique environments including wastelands, forests, caves, snow peaks and more. A grid map will show the areas you’ve since discovered and will also display the amount of treasure chests located in each area; these will often hold valuable items such as the in-game currency that can be used at local merchant shops, items and also sacks of experience, and they’re always in peculiar areas that take strategy or the use of puzzles to reach. Portals in each area can also be used to quickly travel to other areas with portals that you’ve visited. They’re further used as checkpoints as such for when you die.
Swordigo also has the usual RPG leveling up system. As you kill enemies, you’ll gain experience points. Leveling up allows you to increase your skill in one of three areas. You can either increase your attack, your health or your magic energy. You’ll also notice that opposing enemies will have levels and a health bar that decreases with each blow.
As Swordigo aims to simplify the otherwise complex backend used for RPG titles, it pays homage to similar games of past day. One example that clearly comes to mind is the Zelda series. Environments, character sprites and sound effects resemble those of Zelda. Swordigo is a universal application, and it flows fluidly on both the iPad and the iPhone. While the artwork isn’t anything to be greatly complemented, it has its own style that’s hard to miss.
Though the story lasted a good 7-8 hours in total, it never felt like the game was being dragged on too long especially with the variation used with level design, included puzzles, many enemies with unique perks and fairly-occasional boss fights. Regardless of your playing level, hardcore gamer or casual, Swordigo has enough to whet your appetite and keep you coming back for more. It doesn’t have much replay value once you complete the story, but it takes time getting to that point; a few hours, at least, and ever minute is packed to the brim with action and fighting. Similarly, you can level up afterwards by once again killing bosses and can also go back to discover all of the chests hidden around the game’s large world.
If there’s anything that Touch Foo successfully proved with Swordigo, it’s that an RPG without the usual elements incorporated in games of comparative breed doesn’t have to be trite, to say the least. Swordigo still manages to please and introduces a new take on the common genre that I’m certainly looking forward to experiencing again in the near future. There’s surely no better option for the same $1.99 price tag.
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Review: CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 4/4S

q card case

To call the Q Card Case from CM4 ($39.99) a simple protective cover for your iPhone would be a severe understatement. Rather, it’s combined the functions of a wallet with reliable safeguarding for your iPhone 4 or 4S following a recent thread with such wallet + case combos. CM4 have produced a slim, minimal product by mixing the two making the case a sure recommendation.
While the wallet portion of CM4′s case isn’t anything new, nor is it substantial enough to replace your regular wallet, the hybrid has been executed seamlessly. You’ll have the main half of the case, the actual area where your iPhone will be housed, and one tight pocket on the back for storage.
The actual design of the case has been mastered skillfully: the case itself is made from a soft rubber material that feels really smooth when you’re holding the case. The pockets in the back that simulates the slots in your wallet is crafted from faux leather. Because of the smooth feeling of the linings of the case, sometimes it felt as if the case would simply slip out of my grip causing me to tighten my hold around my iPhone. Although you don’t want to be dropping your device often, I did a few times with the case and not purposely. Thankfully, none were the fault of the case’s smooth touch and were instead from accidents. On the plus side, it was a good way to support the notion that the case can reliably protect your phone considering mine returned with absolutely no hint of damage.
Installation of the case is fairly easy. Similar to that of any other case of the same breed, all you have to do is slip one end of your phone into the once side and slowly push in the other carefully making sure the edges fit nicely along the bezel of your phone.
CM4 clearly invested a ton of time perfecting the presentation of the case over all aspects. While the leather stitched to the exterior of the case can obviously be differed as fake, the rest of the case oozes polish. They’ve also focused on keeping the additional bulk added on by the wallet at a minimal; despite have cards and cash inside the case, not much extra weight of thickness was noticeable. The iPhone remained to be easy to handle and stow.

As we mentioned above, the wallet along the back of your phone certainly isn’t enough to make the need for another wallet obsolete. You can only store 3 cards in the pouch at one time, which really isn’t much. Fortunately, though, the pouch has been tailored to press tightly against the back of the case meaning your cards have almost no chance at all of falling out. Packing more cards into the slot could essentially expand it putting your items at risk.
Another downside to the case being accompanied with a wallet is the extra attention that you could potentially receive. If a thief did happen to get their hands on your phone, they’ve got a valuable iPhone and, depending on what the owner decides to use the slot for, credit cards that could be misused. But that’s really not the manufacturers fault.
Innovation is the beauty of the iOS world in terms of both applications as well as accessories. It doesn’t get much better than CM4′s Q Card Case for the iPhone 4/4S thanks to the clever addition of sleek wallet functionality included along with the sturdy case. We can easily recommend purchasing the case for a mere $39.99.
There’s only one color currently available with a white alternative coming this month.
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Burger Cat App Review – Clawing for Help

Burger Cat

Thus far, Ravenous Games have hosted a multitude of hardcore titles on the App Store that require the most amount of attention a gamer can give. With a distinctive difference in difficulty, in comparison to past tiles, Burger Cat ($0.99) boasts a numerous amount of less-demanding challenges.
Jovial throughout, despite the unfortunate fact that his burgers have been littered hopelessly throughout the game’s expansive world by a nitroglycerin explosion, you’ll be posed with the task of recovering his prized diet. Starting [very] easy, you’ll be introduced to the main mechanics of the game.
While the main character of the game can walk all by himself, he’s at a disadvantage; the contents of his barbecue gone wrong have been scattered in unreachable places. Hence, your job comes in. You’ll be provided with a limited supply of various equipment, each progressively introduced. Your supply of provisions consists of a mix extra blocks to add to the game’s tiled world, pickaxes, decoy mouses, dynamite and more. These will aid to augment the cat’s capabilities.
Although the game’s 60 levels have the potential to increasingly become a mind-puzzling challenge to the player, they’ve instead resorted to varying only slightly. While levels occasionally require a bit of strategy, most times the path is obvious from the beginning, and the game quickly became a mess of puzzles that aren’t executed properly at all. The aim of the game was evident: the premise was catered towards those without much of a liking for intricate puzzles. However, the levels have been quelled down to such an extent that I actively wondered whether or not the smarter of my two cats would be able to play through in a breeze.
The qualms don’t end there. A severely flawed control system plagued the gameplay at every corner. You’re given a certain amount of each resource. Placing these was a tricky affair due to the game either placing the items adjacent to the desired area or not registering your touch whatsoever. This often caused me to restart a level because of the lack of an undo button. Dragging to pan also resulted sometimes in placing of objects, also needing a full restart to undo.
Without doubt, Ravenous have nailed the artwork perfectly. Cartoon sprites glow vibrantly against the winding background enabled with parallax scrolling effects. However, there’s only one game world that the 60 game levels fall under, which quickly becomes old. If there’s one thing the developers can attest to when considering past history, they’re good with keeping their games fresh with new content via updates.
The coalescence of trite gameplay with a control system bogged down by faults and imperfections is really unlike the norm from developer Ravenous Games. Not only did Burger Cat contrast greatly from their other titles in difficulty, it also differed in replay value and overall appeal. The cartoon aesthetics may be the most alluring aspect of the game and we, for that reason, simply cannot wholeheartedly recommend Burger Cat to those seeking a challenge worth a dollar.
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Review: Cygnett Glam Folio Case for the New iPad

Glam Folio

Chic, affordable and protective – this stunning case for the new iPad from Cygnett, namely the Glam case ($59.99), not only houses your iPad in a questionably attractive style but also doubles as a fully functional multi-view stand as well as a folio case ideal for typing on Apple’s tablet.
The case allows users to prop their iPads up at three different viewing angles when you need your hands free or are watching a movie. By folding its flap underneath the housing area, you can adjust the length at which it protrudes to lean your iPad further back or closer to a 90-degree angle.
Cygnett are masters of design, really. They’ve focused on appealing to essentially one main group of potential customers with the design of the Glam case with the overall style attributed to it. The portion of the case outwardly visible is coated with a slick material giving the case a glossy look. Although it may appeal to some, others may not be as compelled to purchase the case.
After simply sliding your iPad into the designated area, you can secure it in using a Velcro strap. This strap seemed to be pretty reliable. Opening and closing the case triggered the iPad’s integrated set of magnets that line its bezel, which is an extremely useful feature.
Unfortunately, the main issue with the case, personally, was its lack of attention paid to the ports and buttons on the iPad. Volume buttons, charge & sync port, sleep button and all of the likes were all difficult to quickly access
Due to the style used in the making the Glam Folio case, it would make sense that the case would only look desirable to a certain type of people. Don’t fret though. Cygnett has a multitude of other cases of similar design available for purchase; the Glam case simply being one among their everlasting lineup. It’s totally irrelevant, but the case is just a piece in their games – The Hunger Games. It’s completely affordable ($59.99) compared to other iPad cases, and it protects your pricey device just as well.
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

LifeProof Armband Review for iPhone 4/4S

lifeproof armband

Used in conjunction with their case dedicated to the iPhone 4/4S as a whole, the Armband/Swimband from LifeProof ($49.99) takes the standard mount seen universally with all of their products and applies a wide velcro strap allowing you to easily stow your device on your arm whilst running, swimming or more.
Although it does require your phone to be using a LifeProof case, the LifeProof Armband/Swimband is among top contenders for accessories to use when working out in some way. Coming along with a long velcro strap already attached to the main housing area, it’s extremely simple to wrap the setup around your arm.
Like other bands of similar nature, LifeProof’s take allows you to clip your phone into an area tailored to fit the LifeProof case along with your phone inside. A swivel clip armed with a spring can be pulled back to simply snap your phone in; this can be locked in place using a concealed switch on the back of the housing area.
If you don’t already know, LifeProof cases are guaranteed to safeguard your iPhone against water, snow, dirt and shocks. Thanks to this and the fact that a LifeProof case must be used in conjunction with the armband makes sure you don’t have to go through all of the trouble to slide your phone into some protective pocket like other armbands. A plastic film already covers the iPhone’s screen. With any other armband, you have to squeeze your phone into a neoprene sleeve which are usually equipped with bubbled plastic screens that decrease the functionality and the sensitivity of the iPhone’s touchscreen. The LifeProof case’s ability to keep out water makes the armband usable not only while running but also in the water while swimming.
With a reliable docking system to keep your phone in at all times, a wonderful solution to use your phone universally and comfortably while working out and so much more, the LifeProof Armband is our number one choice for a product as such. If you already have the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4/4S, with which the armband goes hand in hand with, we recommend checking out the Armband/Swimband here for $49.99.
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PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case Review for iPhone 4/4S

Without doubt, the battery life of a naked iPhone is among the top in comparison to other phones of competitive nature. Still, most respectable case manufacturers host a variety of average cases meant to further extend the life of your iPhone – today we’ll take a look at PhoneSuit’s Elite Battery Case, and it’s truly a marvel.
ps elite
In one of the slimmest and most attractive packages we’ve seen here at iPhone Alley, PhoneSuit presents to you their line of battery cases that easily surpass others. Dubbed the PhoneSuit Elite, the battery case houses your phone inside while it’s connected to the case’s integrated 30-pin connector. A switch lining the bottom of the case can be toggled on and off to activate the charging feature of the case.
All serious battery cases have to to add a significant amount of bulk to the iPhone. Although the PhoneSuit Elite is the thinnest we’ve seen in comparison to other battery cases, it does add some additional volume to your phone both lengthwise and in thickness. A portion of the case protrudes further past the bottom edge of the phone, which is where I’m assuming the battery itself is housed.
In terms of battery life, the case has the potential to truly double the life of your iPhone. While other cases falsely claim that their batteries are superior, the PhoneSuit Elite delivers to the maximum extent possible. With 2100 mAh (iPhone 4S’ battery is 1420 mAh), the case can provide about 1 and a half full charges of your phone’s battery. As such, according to my tests, the case does fully charge my phone in two hours after my phone completely dies thanks to the included 5-watt/1-amp output.
Many complained that the iPhone 4S had battery issues when it was initially released back in October of last year. Even though the problem was supposedly rectified thanks to a software patch by Apple, some still claim their phones don’t make them though a full day. That said, your phone can easily last you through the ordeals of your daily life with the PhoneSuit Elite installed – charging your phone the instant you toggle the embedded switch on, your phone will begin to be juiced up.
The case’s design itself is near excellent. Constructed of a soft-touch rubberized plastic, the case feels great in your palms. It doesn’t have any areas to reliably grip your phone, but it’s not so smooth that it would easily slip out of your hands to your phone’s demise. Consisting of two parts – a top and bottom – installation of the case is a breeze. You simply slide your phone into the bottom portion of the case and then attach the top making sure to line up all of the edges perfectly.
While installation is easy in retrospect, the top portion of the case doesn’t fit flush with the edges of the bottom. They were a bit separated from one another – from side to side – which didn’t look the greatest. Further, the top portion of the case consistently got stuck on the volume rockers both while installing the case and also while removing the case.
Along with the case itself comes a plastic screen film, a charging wire and a microfiber cloth. Since there is no protection for your screen built into the case, you can easily install the film for a fair amount of safeguarding against scratches.
Though the case wasn’t intelligent enough as to differentiate between when the case needed charging or when your phone needed charging, thankfully it’s easy to switch between the two yourself. The USB cable pre-included along with the case allows for easy charging. In lieu of the charge & sync cable that comes standard with the purchase of an iPhone, you’ll connect the included USB cable to a port lining the bottom of your phone. Using the switch, here too, you can toggle between charging the case’s battery or your phone. The cable can also be used in conjunction with iTunes to sync your phone.
Equipped with a killer battery and an alluring, attractive design, the PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case is undoubtedly the number one contender for an additional power solution for your iPhone. It comes in a slick package that runs thinner than other cases of similar breed, and it’s available for a price that doesn’t vary out of the norm by too much – $79.95. It’s available in both black or white and can be purchased here.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

AT&T vs Verizon Wireless (Before you buy an iPhone, READ THIS)

Buying an iPhone? Top Rated Review on AT&T vs. Verizon Wireless

Thinking of buying an iPhone? Read this TOP rated review on ATT vs. Verizon Wireless. After all, they are the only two companies currently offering the iPhone, which will hopefully change with the new iPhone 5 coming June of 2012! Our hope is that it will be offered on all networks in the USA.
So you have probably heard a lot of good and bad things about AT&T and Verizon Wireless, but we are going to get right in to the comparison:
We recommend AT&T
ATT Network is based on GSM Technology (Worldwide), Verizon is CDMA (USA only)
ATT Voice plans (monthly $39.99 for 450 min, $59.99 for 900 min, $69.99 unlimited) Verizon is the same.
ATT Texting plans (monthly $10.00 for 1000 msgs or $20.00 unlimited) Verizon is $10.00 for 500 msgs of $20.00 for unlimited... (they force you to pay $20.00 more, NO ONE texts 500 messages or less which means you either pay overages or pay the $20.00 max).
ATT Data Plans (monthly $15.00 for 200MB, $25.00 for 2GB or $45 for 4GB). Verizon has only once choice of $29.99 for unlimited service. You could EASILY get by with 2GB. I stream tons of video, songs, youtube, and run lots of apps and I do not hit 2GB until about 2-3 months later. Verizon is basically screwing you out of an extra 10 bucks here.
ATT Tethering (using your iPhone with your laptop so you can be online using your phone as a modem). Monthly fee of $20. (no data, but is included in the att 45$ data plan above). Basically you can select the att data plan of $45.00 and get 4GB of data plus tethering included. Verizon charges $20.00 for 2GB and another $20.00 per GB after that!.
ATT Wi-Fi Hotspot is not currently available on their model of iPhone. Verizon wins here... their model of the iPhone already has Wi-Fi hotspot capability for up to 5 devices. No doubt the next iPhone 5 will have wi-fi capability.
ATT Speeds are estimated at about 24 seconds. Verizon is estimated at 18.5 seconds.
ATT on average has a 5.8% dropped call rate. Verizon is at 2.0% (Not confirmed).
ATT takes the cake on MULTITASKING! On ATT you can be on the phone AND hit the home key and surf the web, text message, email, run apps, etc. You can be on the phone with someone and literally look up directions for them, or text someone else. On Verizon, its a one way street. You are either in the phone or you are using data. They do not allow for multitasking. Boo!

It all depends on YOUR needs....

Basically, you get slightly more coverage with Verizon, but... you are not likely to notice this. Your cell coverage with Verizon is expanded but would only matter if you were traveling to areas that are way off the map. ATT has excellent coverage and usage of the iPhone on their network and has proven to be the best experience. Think about it... ATT has had the iPhone on their network from the beginning! Verizon is still just getting in to the game. ATT knows and has been anticipating issues both known and unknown, preparing for and upgrading their network to provide the best possible experience.
Let's say you are streaming a movie on Netflix, Pandora or Slingbox... the differences in speed are so slight, you wouldn't even notice. That being said, the only real impact is the fact that you can not use voice and data at the same time while on Verizon's network. On ATT you can talk, text and surf all that same time!
A lot of this will change when the new iPhone 5 is released later this year. But for now, we strongly urge ATT based on our experiences over all.
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The NEW iPhone 5 - Coming June of 2012

The all new iPhone 5 is already buzzing with speculation. Will the new iPhone 5 be a complete redesign? Yes! Korea's IT News reported that the iPhone 5 is likely to be housed in "Liquidmetal". Liquid metal is the industrial name for an alloy of nickel, titanium, zirconium, copper and other metals. Apple was granted rights to use it in August of 2010. The current Apple iPhone release wasn't much to rave about, although people do really like Siri, the personal assistant. However, the new iPhone 5 is going to have some amazing new hardware and features like 3D video and pictures, newly designed keyboards and 4G speeds to name a few! This is made possible by the new A6 processor which will also be featured in the iPad 3.
This phone is going to be loaded with awesome new features like video chat on 3g and 4g (no longer restricted to WiFi only), face recognition and extreme downloading with 4G. (List of possible features below). The new iPhone 5 features are speculated, but have been well received by the public and will typically follow suit based on previous releases and their features.
Like the recently release iPad 3, this new iPhone 5 will be equipped with a dual core A5X chip processors, much like the iPhone 4s (A5) and higher more powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions (5-9 times better and 7 times faster) and amazing "still" images when taking pictures, AND it will make multi-tasking a lot faster, in addition to adding support for 4G speeds. There is a possibility it could contain the new A6 processor instead, boosting it above the iPad 3. It will also have a 4 inch screen (corner to corner) making it larger and on par with most android phones.
The processor will have speeds at 1.5 - 2.0 GHz and 1GB of RAM. Obviously the new iPhone 5 will have the new iOS6 software, iCloud and all the standard features of the iPhone 4S, including Siri, the personal assistant. These improvements alone will be healthy competition for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S II and the Google Nexus phone.
Apple recently filed several patent applications in order to bring 3D picture capturing to the iPhone 5. This phone will be capable of rendering, capturing and processing 3D images, which coincides with the recent changes to the dual-camera hardware. The new iPhone 5 will also be capable of taking pictures in Panorama!
The new iPhone 5 will boast 4G also known as LTE - Long Term Evolution technology according to AT&T which is due to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) which is in line with the most recent technology standards for mobile networks.
Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S, a faster version of its best-selling smartphone that includes a virtual "personal assistant" you can talk to. And now, Apple will release the new iPhone 5, which looks promising in terms of being sleek, packed with new hardware and finally less restrictions. Very exciting! We will update our information as soon as we learn more about the newest features of the new iPhone 5, as more information comes in daily. Again, this phone is going to be a complete redesign so there is still a lot to learn about this device. Check it out ....
A few features of the new iPhone 5:
4 inch screen
All new Liquid Metal design - smooth like liquid
Thinner sleeker design
Built in GPS standard
Face Recognition Security
Face Time on 3G and 4G
Custom SMS tones
Custom E-mail alerts with ability to assign different tones to each email address
Shatter resistant Gorilla glass
8 MEGAPIXEL Camera rear and 5 in front
64G Basic and 120G memory
Extended battery life = 20 hours talk time on 3G and 10 hours on 4G. Standby 1000 hours.
Full 1080p HD Recording AND 3D Video Display !!!
Messaging indicator light
HTML5 (safari) or apps to make Flash Player capable through apps
SIM-Less Phone - The new iPhone 5 will be a World Phone. This is accomplished building 2 to 3 internal antennas which makes it capable of GSM and CDMA technology, so you can take the phone to any network!
Will you stay with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint or take it to a different carrier? What additional carriers do you want to see the iPhone 5 on? Any additional features you would like? (SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING BELOW).

New iPhone 5

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