Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Favorite Magical Puzzle Game ‘Potions!” Receives a Major Update


We were enchanted by dDurian’s debut puzzle game ‘Potions!’ (yes, the ! at the end of the title makes it that much cooler) to the point we awarded the game four out of five stars and kept in touch with the developer about a major update set to change the game’s very landscape. Thus, are happy to report that the game has gone far in improving itself from a polished conglomeration of beautiful artwork with tepid gameplay into a work of fun and addiction.
Today, version 2.0 of ‘Potions!’ was released, bringing with it a whole new game mode. Endless Mode is not a tacked-together merging of Stages into a simple continuous string of alchemy, but rather a full-fledged mode that practically feels like a total contrast to the game’s previous content that greatly expands upon the formula that was already in play. Mixing potions becomes a challenge amidst a speeding “magical” conveyor belt and an innate risk of putting together an incorrect ingredient combination. Potion ingredient difficulty increases as does multiplier, making leaderboard dominance a top priority and one that carries a certain enjoyment.
Once the basics of alchemy are down and potion-mixing becomes natural (through a help dialog that we found to be quite memorable and charming, a huge step-up from writing typically found in games of this nature), we found it easy to get enthralled into the new mode. The timer ticks down fast enough to make you press yourself against the clock to successfully mix each new potion that appears, transpiring gameplay to be fast-paced with multiple layers of challenge requiring a cunning skill set of memorization, speed, and let’s not forget flicking.
Smart, addicting puzzle games with artwork that showcases the Retina Display seem to come along rarely in these copycat days of the App Store. ‘Potions!’ is a compelling treat that is best enjoyed through the new Endless Mode included in the latest update. If you have been looking for a new addiction or are trying to curb your Angry Birds in favor of something with a little more sorcery, give ‘Potions!’ a mixing.

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