Monday, May 7, 2012

Urbanista Copenhagen Headphones Review – Squares the Rest


At times, differing from the norm is a great thing – especially in the iOS market with tons and tons of competitive accessories available without substantial perks over one another. The Urbanista Copenhagen headphones have taken creativity to another level; how do they fair?
If there’s one thing you can gleam about Urbanista when you open the packaging for the first time upon receiving a pair of Copenhagen headphones, it’s the evident fact that they’ve invested time and money in perfecting their product’s design. The svelte packaging itself is enough to reflect this. Checking out the headphones further confirms the notion. Polished to the ultimate extent, the pair of over-ear headphones will undoubtedly stand out in comparison to others of comparable breed.
Rather than circular audio outputs, the headphones boast two square shaped pieces that will fit over your ears. Due to the design, though, you have to find the perfect fit by adjusting the top part of the headset to avoid having the headphones slip off every few seconds. However, the square headpieces aren’t too large and attempting to have them cover your areas completely results in the headphones being incredibly loose. The padding is incredibly comfortable.
Visually stunning design in headphones is sometimes short-lived with horrible sound quality. On the contrary, with the Copenhagens, you’ll be presented with crisp mids and extraordinary bass reproduction. The headphones have the potential to surpass the volume level of the natural iPhone speakers as well, which is an obvious advantage.
The headphones come along with a slick carrying case to keep the beats rolling when you’re on the go as well. The two sides of the headphones will fold inwards resulting in a shape slightly resembling a construed semi-circle. Though the headphones, in their respective case, still won’t be compressed enough to be carried around in your pocket, they can very easily be stowed in some sort of baggage.
An aesthetic marvel, the Copenhagens are truly a top contender for your money if you’re looking for some good headphones worthy of showcasing your tunes. If you’re interested, Urbanista sells the Copenhagen headphones online for $99.

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