Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Spigen Modello Series Case for iPhone 4/4S


While most companies attempt to spruce up the pictures of their products to often depict something much more desirable than what they’re actually selling, Spigen SGP, made evident by the product page of their Modello Series Case for the iPhone 4/4S ($14.99), sticks to little or no alterations to the images they’ve posted of their seamless case. Even without these embellishments, the Modello Series Case is as brilliant and alluring as ever – not only do the pictures look great, so does the case itself offering reliable protection at an affordable price.
Available in two different designs each boasting their own bright colors, Spigen have delivered to the fullest extent with their Modello Series Case. Excellent designing and top-notch TPU have coalesced perfectly. Hands down, the case takes the cake for the best packaging. While the case doesn’t break the bank, considering it’s available for a mere $15 in comparison to the multitude of other expensive cases currently available, Spigen have wrapped the case up with the utmost care.
The case itself is soft to the touch but rather tough in truth when attempted to be bent making it imperceptible to snapping in half (it’s happened with a case in the past…). You’ll notice right off the bat that no additional bulk will be added to your phone when the case has been applied, if you will. Installation is fairly easy: you simply slide one end of your phone in and then gently press in the other. There are no complex steps nor advanced procedures to getting the case on your phone. Rather, it’s easy to put on and also to take off.

What’s the catch you may ask? Nothing really. Spigen have simply aimed low in terms of price, but have exceeded expectations in the execution aspect. The Modello is made out of your ever day TPU material, which is seen in many other iPhone cases. There’s nothing revolutionary here except that Spigen have perfected a case for a slight $15 that can easily compete with other cases on the market that are retailing at whopping amounts that potentially go up to triple the amount Spigen are charging with this case.
The Modello Series adds almost no extra bulk to that of the naked iPhone. Instead, it feels sleek and easy to carry around. Although it only provides protection to the back of the iPhone, the portion of the case that layers the bezel of the device is raised slightly past the edge of the iPhone making it unlikely for a drop to seriously harm your screen. Spigen are irrefutably masters of design, however, the Modello case felt a bit sharp when held tightly. The edges were pointed beyond what they should have been which caused the case to dig into my palms and feel uncomfortable. Regardless, there are two styles that the Modello Series comes in, which look absolutely awesome due to their slight transparency that easily lets light through and illuminate the plus signs or alternatively the vertical bar designs on the back of the iPhone.
If you were to give me the Modello Series Case and have me guess what it may cost, I would never expect it to be so cheap. In person, the case reflects the qualities of a high-quality rather expensive form of protection and leaves no room for improvement other than the minor qualm I had regarding the edges of the case. For $15, Spigen have maximized the capabilities of the Modello Series Case for the iPhone 4/4S making it a sure recommendation from our side.

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