Sunday, May 6, 2012

LifeProof Armband Review for iPhone 4/4S

lifeproof armband

Used in conjunction with their case dedicated to the iPhone 4/4S as a whole, the Armband/Swimband from LifeProof ($49.99) takes the standard mount seen universally with all of their products and applies a wide velcro strap allowing you to easily stow your device on your arm whilst running, swimming or more.
Although it does require your phone to be using a LifeProof case, the LifeProof Armband/Swimband is among top contenders for accessories to use when working out in some way. Coming along with a long velcro strap already attached to the main housing area, it’s extremely simple to wrap the setup around your arm.
Like other bands of similar nature, LifeProof’s take allows you to clip your phone into an area tailored to fit the LifeProof case along with your phone inside. A swivel clip armed with a spring can be pulled back to simply snap your phone in; this can be locked in place using a concealed switch on the back of the housing area.
If you don’t already know, LifeProof cases are guaranteed to safeguard your iPhone against water, snow, dirt and shocks. Thanks to this and the fact that a LifeProof case must be used in conjunction with the armband makes sure you don’t have to go through all of the trouble to slide your phone into some protective pocket like other armbands. A plastic film already covers the iPhone’s screen. With any other armband, you have to squeeze your phone into a neoprene sleeve which are usually equipped with bubbled plastic screens that decrease the functionality and the sensitivity of the iPhone’s touchscreen. The LifeProof case’s ability to keep out water makes the armband usable not only while running but also in the water while swimming.
With a reliable docking system to keep your phone in at all times, a wonderful solution to use your phone universally and comfortably while working out and so much more, the LifeProof Armband is our number one choice for a product as such. If you already have the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4/4S, with which the armband goes hand in hand with, we recommend checking out the Armband/Swimband here for $49.99.

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