Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Absurd Rumor? Bendable iPhone to Come Soon from Apple

We’ve previously heard about the Liquidmetal iPhone – now, another rumor that you should questionably take with or without a pinch of salt: a bendable iPhone.
Future iterations of the iPhone could incorporated Samsung’s OLED display, which is flexible. According to a report by The Korean Times, Samsung has reportedly received a “huge” number of orders for the company’s flexible display.
Industry sources have agreed:
“Apple is likely to be one of the handset makers asking Samsung to provide them flexible screens.”
Apple has yet to confirm such speculation and knowing their past record, they definitely won’t. Thus far, there’s been no confirmation from Samsung’s spokespersons either – they’ve declined to talk about the order and how Apple fits into the whole scheme of things. Another industry official said Samsung “wouldn’t be this bullish about flexible OLED screens if Apple wasn’t sharing its enthusiasm.”
The report noted that Apple (if the company purchasing the screens is in fact the Cupertino-based tech giant) would buy $11 billion worth of the OLED displays and memory screens from Samsung in 2012. Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets is expected to make the switch from LCD to OLED displays later this year; a move that could support that Apple would eventually make the switch for both the next-generation iPhone and potentially the next iPad.
How would you like to see a bendable iPhone?

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