Monday, May 7, 2012

Cygnett ‘Lavish’ Case Review for the New iPad


Over the course of the next few weeks, we here at iPhone Alley will be reviewing a series of highly polished, quality cases from top manufacturers for use with the shiny, new iPad. The second in this upcoming lineup of reviews is for Cygnett’s Lavish case. Priced at the affordable price of $59.99, the case has a lot to offer your new device: a chic leather surface, a folio design with multiple viewing positions, and protection.
Whether you’re using your iPad at home, on a plane or at a local cafe, the Lavish case caters to your every needs. Converting your iPad into a stylish bundle of topnotch leather with a smooth finish, the case will never fail to satisfy.
The main thing to admire with Cyngett’s case for your new iPad is its fulfilling design. Flapping open to reveal the area in which your iPad will be housed, you’ll also be able to fold the flap under the case’s main body to create a sturdy stand. Cygnett have designed the folio case with the utmost care and attention paid to both detail and simplicity.
From the point when you initially set your eyes on the case, you’ll be captivated. The presentation obviously has had tons of love poured into it. There’s no questioning whether or not the quality of the materials used to make the case are authentic or not; they feel and look absolutely wonderful and are made to last from the stitching to the texture of the leather skin.
Installation of the case is simplified to the greatest extent. You slide your device into the slot and then seal it in using the velcro strap that’s attached. The bezel of the iPad is covered by a harder surface that is layered with a soft material. This border attaches to your iPad magnetically, which can be used hand-in-hand with the feature Apple launched in conjunction with their Smart Covers. When you open or close the case, your iPad will wake up or go to sleep, respectively. In the sample unit I was given, there was an issue that prevented the case from performing the above function properly. Fortunately, though, Cygnett have rectified the issue.
Due to the additional layer on top of the bezel of the iPad, it’s quite difficult to reach the volume rockets, the ringer switch and the headphone jack because those are physically in between the back of the case and the extra layer. Similarly, you’ll question whether or not you want to unplug your device once it’s finished charging because you can’t reach the base of the charge & sync cable for this same reason. You need to instead tug on the wire, which is a bit testy in truth.
The case doubles as a stand for use on flat surfaces as an additional bonus. You simply take the flap/cover and fold it under the iPad that will sturdily keep your device standing making it easy to watch movies, type or perform any other similar activity. You can also adjust the viewing angle.
While the case may seem like it won’t reliably safeguard your pricey iPad, it’s actually quite an optimal contender, to say the least. The leather is soft, yes, but there are multiple layers separating your iPad from any harmful surface. For substances and grit, though, the case doesn’t have the potential to prevent those from harming your device as all of your ports are left exposed. Regardless, Cygnett have paid a great deal of attention in the physical aspect of the case and with mastering its portability; it’s light, and it feels right, if you will, to hold. For $59.99, the Lavish Folio case certainly outdoes its affordable price tag by a considerable amount.

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