Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spigen SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector Review for iPhone 4S/4


Eventually, all typical screen films either get grubby and nasty, begin to peel in the corners or have ugly spots and scratches. In the case of Spigen SGP’s GLAS.t ($27.99) screen protecting solutions for the iPhone 4S, however, the aforementioned is completely avoidable.
The GLAS.t for the iPhone is a premium tempered glass screen protector catered to users who clumsily and frequently drop their devices. When we first heard about such a product, we thought the idea wasn’t possible – we didn’t know how the developing company, Spigen SGP, could pull off a glass screen protector and meet the sensitivity of the naked iPhone screen while also assuring no damage could be brought to the iPhone’s similarly glass screen.
0.4mm-thick, the GLAS.t is a much superior solution than your usual screen protectors. The process of installation was fairly straightforward. After peeling back the adhesive side, you simply line up the glass with your iPhone’s front and press down in the center; this part of the installation is pretty neat considering you can see the adhesive bonds forming against your screen. You can use the included squeegee to push out any prominent bubbles while smaller bubbles should dissipate within a few days after installation.
Once I installed the GLAS.t any doubts I previously had about it completely disappeared. There are no indications of an additional, virtual screen layering my natural iPhone’s display; instead, the GLAS.t retains the iPhone’s vibrant display capabilities. You don’t even notice the extra layer until you place your finger on the home button and feel the surrounding thickness. For this reason, Spigen SGP have thrown in six home screen covers in three different colors that can be applied.
Similarly, the responsiveness of the screen doesn’t falter one bit. No rough edges, no pressure marks – all just the same as before but with the added satisfaction of a layer of protection.
There was one gripe that I had with the GLAS.t. While the result is fantastic, you only have one shot at installation. You have to position the film perfectly to line up its cutouts with their respective areas on the front of the iPhone on your first try. It’s not like other protectors where you can reposition afterwards. Once installed, the GLAS.t is cemented in place and takes some prying to be removed.
In the past I haven’t quite preferred the lengthy installation processes or the overall result of the various screen protectors I’ve used. While the GLAS.t does have some minor issues, it’s our top recommendation for the most satisfying screen-protecting solution. Without a doubt, the $27.99 investment doesn’t hinder our decision of rating the GLAS.t a 5/5 stars.

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