Sunday, May 13, 2012

Siri Claims Nokia Lumia 900 is ‘Best Smartphone Ever’

Siri best phone

Since the time of her (its?) existence, the iPhone 4S’ virtual assistant, Siri, has gained a reputation for the quirky answers she delivers to some questions.
These kinds of answers have already earned the assistant her own blog for crazy remarks she makes entitled Shit Siri Says. For example, asking Siri where you can hide a body will turn you up with local places among the lines of dumps, reservoirs, and others of the same nature.
Yesterday, though, Siri breached the line of simply crazy remarks and crossed into insane remarks. In a report published by TheNextWeb, Siri has supposedly claimed that the new Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever.
Has Siri suddenly gained a mind of her own and she’s beginning to resent her creators? Most likely not – the answer behind this whole affair lies within the method Siri uses to attain her answers: Wolfram Alpha’s database.
Wolfram Alpha’s service gets its answers, in this department, from the collection of user reviews and such. Since the Nokia Lumia 900 is fairly new, the database of reviews must have been limited and once user probably used the term “best smartphone ever” in his/her review of the handset.
While simply asking Siri, “what is the best smartphone ever?” doesn’t return with the pictured result, you can add an additional term to the beginning. Stating, “Wolfram Alpha what is the best smartphone ever,” prompts Siri to resort to Wolfram’s database and will return with the Nokia Lumia 900 as the answer.

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