Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 4/4S

q card case

To call the Q Card Case from CM4 ($39.99) a simple protective cover for your iPhone would be a severe understatement. Rather, it’s combined the functions of a wallet with reliable safeguarding for your iPhone 4 or 4S following a recent thread with such wallet + case combos. CM4 have produced a slim, minimal product by mixing the two making the case a sure recommendation.
While the wallet portion of CM4′s case isn’t anything new, nor is it substantial enough to replace your regular wallet, the hybrid has been executed seamlessly. You’ll have the main half of the case, the actual area where your iPhone will be housed, and one tight pocket on the back for storage.
The actual design of the case has been mastered skillfully: the case itself is made from a soft rubber material that feels really smooth when you’re holding the case. The pockets in the back that simulates the slots in your wallet is crafted from faux leather. Because of the smooth feeling of the linings of the case, sometimes it felt as if the case would simply slip out of my grip causing me to tighten my hold around my iPhone. Although you don’t want to be dropping your device often, I did a few times with the case and not purposely. Thankfully, none were the fault of the case’s smooth touch and were instead from accidents. On the plus side, it was a good way to support the notion that the case can reliably protect your phone considering mine returned with absolutely no hint of damage.
Installation of the case is fairly easy. Similar to that of any other case of the same breed, all you have to do is slip one end of your phone into the once side and slowly push in the other carefully making sure the edges fit nicely along the bezel of your phone.
CM4 clearly invested a ton of time perfecting the presentation of the case over all aspects. While the leather stitched to the exterior of the case can obviously be differed as fake, the rest of the case oozes polish. They’ve also focused on keeping the additional bulk added on by the wallet at a minimal; despite have cards and cash inside the case, not much extra weight of thickness was noticeable. The iPhone remained to be easy to handle and stow.

As we mentioned above, the wallet along the back of your phone certainly isn’t enough to make the need for another wallet obsolete. You can only store 3 cards in the pouch at one time, which really isn’t much. Fortunately, though, the pouch has been tailored to press tightly against the back of the case meaning your cards have almost no chance at all of falling out. Packing more cards into the slot could essentially expand it putting your items at risk.
Another downside to the case being accompanied with a wallet is the extra attention that you could potentially receive. If a thief did happen to get their hands on your phone, they’ve got a valuable iPhone and, depending on what the owner decides to use the slot for, credit cards that could be misused. But that’s really not the manufacturers fault.
Innovation is the beauty of the iOS world in terms of both applications as well as accessories. It doesn’t get much better than CM4′s Q Card Case for the iPhone 4/4S thanks to the clever addition of sleek wallet functionality included along with the sturdy case. We can easily recommend purchasing the case for a mere $39.99.
There’s only one color currently available with a white alternative coming this month.

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