Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Aeris Rail Bumper for iPhone 4/4S

Rail Bumper 2

Most bumpers of similar breed require an inextricable, complex process of screwing their two halves together with your iPhone housed in between to function properly. With the Aeris Rail ($109.99), however, there’s no nonsense when it comes to assembling the bumper on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Screw free, the bumper is constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum and is [almost] everything you need to reliably protect your phone.
Installation of the bumper is a piece of cake, quite simply. An inner layer of plastic will firstly grip your phone while the actual outwardly visible, aluminum portion of the case goes on afterwards; all you have to do is press each of the four corners of the bumper onto their respective corners on the iPhone. A reassuring click for each corner will signify that you’ve successfully installed the bumper without the risk of it falling off.
If you don’t know what bumpers are exactly, they’re essentially designed to fix around the bezel of the iPhone to provide a good looking solution. While providing a bit of protection, they also allow most of the iPhone’s simplistic elegance able to be seen, which would otherwise not be the case if a full case was used. Unfortunately, the Rail doesn’t come very cheap. In fact, it’s pretty expensive when you compare it to either other competitive bumpers or to full-fledged cases that provide an optimal amount of protection. For over a hundred dollars, you’re really only getting half of a case, but among other half-cases, this is definitely one of the better ones.

For the parts of the iPhone that the Rail actually does safeguard, it’s better than exceptional. The material used to construct the bumper is extremely heavy-duty and could easily withstand a fall. Though your sleep button is covered by a fitted piece of aluminum, the volume buttons are left exposed and are difficult to reach.
The Rail has been designed to give off strong first impressions. Bold colors make up the selection offered by manufacturer Aeris, and a soft coat of gloss is layered on the bumper to give it a shiny, sophisticated look. Currently, it’s available in red, blue, orange, green, pink, purple, black, or silver.
A number of accessories are sold on Aeris’ store to be used in conjunction with the bumper that augment its potential. Kickstands, screen protectors and more can be bought. The Rail bumper surely stacks up higher in comparison to other bumpers. Regardless of its $109.99 price tag, Aeris have designed a real winner here despite some minor qualms that we had.
*Note: The Rail will be discounted to $73 for two weeks soon. Stay tuned to the product’s page via the link below.

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