Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus

Thanks to the folks over at ZOMM, the painful ordeals of leaving your iPhone behind somewhere are imminent. Catering to users who are overly forgetful, the Wireless Leash Plus ($89.99) boasts a method that is mutually clever and helpful and ever so satisfying.

Without the slightest doubt, it’s painful realizing that you’ve forgotten your device once you’ve loaded up and are heading out. It’s even worse when you’re far away from the place where you’ve left it. Although it may seem like the end, ZOMM have successfully endeavored to create the Wireless Leash Plus – an invisible leash for any bluetooth-enabled phone or device that will ensure you never again leave your phone behind.
The amount of things that the Wireless Leash Plus is capable of doing is in no way indicated by its size. About as thick as an iPhone and a bit taller/wider than inch, the key fob will pair to your device via bluetooth and ensure both your device’s ultimate safety as well as your own. When the leash and the paired device are separated past a distance defined by the user, the leash will emit a subtle, but distinct, alarm to alert you. Similarly, walking off without the leash will result in a handy little notification on your phone.

From the point of unboxing the product, ZOMM’s attention to detail is immediately evident. The packaging sports a modern, clean look and everything within the box is neatly arranged in cutouts sized accordingly. The leash has been dedicated the spotlight right in the middle of the initial layer; underneath, you’ll have the manual, a simplified ZOMM keychain, an AC adapter and also a USB charging cable. Upon charging the leash up to the optimal level, indicated by the LED light that will steadily glow, you’ll be able to use all of its functions.
The actual leash boasts a cool, slick aesthetic with measures used to make the actual design as simplistic as possible. The leash comes equipped with a speaker, an LED light, a vibrator, a microphone and one center button. Although the design is minimal, the actual functionality has been executed flawlessly.

Setup requires almost no time at all. The manual details the process. For the iPhone, you simply must toggle bluetooth on via the Settings app (general—>bluetooth) and can thereon pair the two devices. There are two ways to configure the ZOMM to your preference. Without using the free desktop software, you can use the myZOMM app when on the go.

Above product is the Wireless Leash that doesn't work with myZOMM app
The application allows you to control the volume level of the leash. It also allows you to tweak your preferences and activate its “Call Notification” feature to find your ZOMM – this will send a signal to the leash making it emit a loud beep; perfect for situations when you can’t find your keys.
Within the application’s confines, you can also supply the Wireless Leash Plus with an emergency number to call. Set as 911 as default, you can change the number – when this feature is put to use, you can either use the leash or your phone to listen/talk to the receiving party. A simple push of the Z button puts the call through.
The leash radius can be specified in the app as either “short” or “long”. Once you’ve breached this distance, the leash will vibrate, blink and beep.
As an added feature, you can define custom presets. Allowing for an unlimited number, each of the above can be tweaked individually and can also be titled individually. This especially helps.
The amount of features doesn’t end there. As we’ve said above, the ZOMM can be used in lieu of a bluetooth handset. You can switch between the iPhone’s speaker or the leash’s. Additionally, the application offers geo-tagging – utilizing the iPhone’s GPS features, you can take pictures of images and later return to see where they were taken thanks to a map that will be supplied upon clicking on specific images. This can help with finding your car.

While it may be an investment, the Wireless Leash Plus is worthy of your $89.99 no matter what angle you consider. For such a small device, the results are incredibly satisfying. With so many capabilities, the ZOMM Leash Plus is an endeavor that has sufficiently augmented the market for iPhone accessories, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.

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