Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Review: Drive and Jump

Drive and Jump

With a learning cover easy to master by all ages, retro artwork and a whole ton of enticing gameplay obstacles, Drive and Jump ($0.99) is your typical top-down racer with a serious, addictive spin.
As an endless racer, you’ll take control of a stubby little, pixelated car with hopes of traveling as far from your pursuers (the police) and to rack up the most amount of points possible. You’ll tilt to control the car back and forth as it drives forwards automatically and progressively accelerates faster and faster as your gaming session extends.
Your job is to achieve the highest score while avoiding all of the obstacles that are intermittently thrown at you. Whether it’s a moose sitting dead in the middle of the street, something simple like an oncoming car, a police roadblock or a helicopter, there’s no doubt that the game is extremely varied – as you progress, you’ll travel to new worlds that are populated with different enemies and sport environments that vary between one another.
Tapping the screen is your secret weapon: this will launch your car soaring into the air to avoid obstacles on the ground. This also opens the possibility for enemies to roam the skies; if you run into an enemy, you’ll lose one of your three lives. Some even result in an insta-game over.
Though in their current state the controls are flawless, the option for additional methods aren’t existent. You certainly can’t play while in bed nor can you play without eventually madly twisting your hands around. Other ways to play are on their way.
The artwork shows the indie developer’s fondness of games of yesteryear. If you’re a pixel junkie, you’ll adore the retro elements at every corner of the game. The included chiptunes keep your feet tapping along.
Game Center integration with achievements are nice little touch to an already amazing, varied game – it deserves your attention and your $0.99 without the slightest doubt.

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