Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doodle Tales App Review – Let Loose Your Child’s Creativity

Doodle Tales

Europress, a leading producer of family-orientated video games, launched their third iOS endeavor onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Doodle Tales allows children to unleash their imaginations. Best of all, it’s completely [mostly] free.
Doodle Tales allows children to organize their thoughts and concentrate them into making fully-functional storybooks.
Many tools are provided for composing doodles. These include brushes (pencils, crayons, etc.), stamps, borders, backgrounds and more. While some are available for free, Europress has consolidated their large variety of supplies into optional in-app purchases that can be downloaded and later restored to users’ devices, which include people, animals, houses and other things accordingly grouped.
After completing the artwork for a storybook, text and even recorded audio can be added to individual pages to give each significant meaning and personality – this aids in the overall creation of a full-fledged storybook.
Upon the completion of a storybook, you can share your creations to the large database of other users. Stories can be rated, and using this social feature you can also discover other well-created stories, which can be viewed and played.
Although the interface of the application is evidently meant to be used by younger children, it takes some time to get a grip on Doodle Tale’s features. It comes packed with over 20 tutorials representative of its large interface that will require time to get accustomed to. While it’s a good thing that Europress have packed so much into one free app, no young child will be able to utilize every one of Doodle Tale’s functions.
Europress have redefined the educational category of the App Store with Doodle Tales. Not only does it boast an intuitive user-interface with easily navigable menus, the application is equipped with enough content to whet any child’s creativity. You’ll undoubtedly want to check out Doodle Tales for free on the App Store for a worthwhile application catered towards parents and kids alike.

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