Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unique Dribbble Design: Fold to Unlock

fold to unlock

Apple’s patented slide to unlock method for unlocking an iOS device has received a decent revamp via a designer on Dribbble.
While AppAdvice did beat me to the punch in terms of posting this wonderful piece of art, I was looking through Dribbble’s featured section yesterday to come across the following item posted by Austin Kudin.
The method would work like this: instead of sliding to unlock, the user would simply slide their finger from left to right anywhere on the screen to have their lock screen fold away to reveal their homescreen.
The creator, Austin Kudin, does admit that he was inspired by another mockup for Android designed again by a Dribbble user.
Of course, there are some qualms people would inevitably have with such a method. It would allow you to see the homescreen, which could potentially be a problem if you have a passcode – however, there’s really no confidential information on anyone’s homescreen.

Though we probably won’t see such a method to be implemented into iOS by Apple, a jailbreak tweak is imminent.

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