Wednesday, May 9, 2012

iPhone 4S for $50 Off Original Price at Target


Those who were holding back to buy Apple’s popular iPhone are now in luck. Originally spotted by 9to5Mac, Target has slashed $50 off each model of both the iPhone 4S as well as the iPhone 4.
The entry-level iPhone 4S (16GB) can be in your grubby hands for a meager $149.99 thanks to Target. Further, the entry-level iPhone 4 from 2010 can be had for only $49.99 – said prices are quoted from the above, featured image and require a minimum 2-year contract with the desired carrier.
These prices could very well end soon – they’re available only in store so make sure to check them out as soon as possible if you’ve been scanning the market for good deals on Apple’s prized handset.
Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone model is expected to launch later this year keeping up the fall tradition after the 4S was launched last October. However, this could be an indication that all previous speculation is wrong and that Apple could unveil the next iteration in their ever-expanding lineup sooner than later. Then again, the wheels and cogs on the Rumor Mill are always turning in full gear.

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