Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Cygnett Glam Folio Case for the New iPad

Glam Folio

Chic, affordable and protective – this stunning case for the new iPad from Cygnett, namely the Glam case ($59.99), not only houses your iPad in a questionably attractive style but also doubles as a fully functional multi-view stand as well as a folio case ideal for typing on Apple’s tablet.
The case allows users to prop their iPads up at three different viewing angles when you need your hands free or are watching a movie. By folding its flap underneath the housing area, you can adjust the length at which it protrudes to lean your iPad further back or closer to a 90-degree angle.
Cygnett are masters of design, really. They’ve focused on appealing to essentially one main group of potential customers with the design of the Glam case with the overall style attributed to it. The portion of the case outwardly visible is coated with a slick material giving the case a glossy look. Although it may appeal to some, others may not be as compelled to purchase the case.
After simply sliding your iPad into the designated area, you can secure it in using a Velcro strap. This strap seemed to be pretty reliable. Opening and closing the case triggered the iPad’s integrated set of magnets that line its bezel, which is an extremely useful feature.
Unfortunately, the main issue with the case, personally, was its lack of attention paid to the ports and buttons on the iPad. Volume buttons, charge & sync port, sleep button and all of the likes were all difficult to quickly access
Due to the style used in the making the Glam Folio case, it would make sense that the case would only look desirable to a certain type of people. Don’t fret though. Cygnett has a multitude of other cases of similar design available for purchase; the Glam case simply being one among their everlasting lineup. It’s totally irrelevant, but the case is just a piece in their games – The Hunger Games. It’s completely affordable ($59.99) compared to other iPad cases, and it protects your pricey device just as well.

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