Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Compare 5 Battery Cases for iPhone 4S

If the way to overcome the wasteful battery in the iPhone 4S is not enough to help you save battery life on the iPhone, and resulting in wasteful batteries, then we suggest you use one of the following five battery case. All ofbattery cases is designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with the main function to extend battery life so you could stay connected with the outside of world via the iPhone 4/4S.

Elite PhoneSuit famous cause it’s thin and have super-fast charging capability. The thickness is only 17mm, very thin but able to making a double of the battery lifes of iPhone 4/4S.  Elite PhonesSuit capable to recharging the iPhone from empty battery condition,  in two hours and offer the ability to switch from using the existing power in case or power on the iPhone.

Battery Boost: Up to 15 hours talk time, up to 44 hours audio playback
Harga: $79.95

2. EXOGEAR Exolife

EXOGEAR Exolife available in black and white and have the capabilities doubling the battery. Exolife claim to be the world's thinnest case weighing 59 grams and 14.9mm thick. Exolife has a battery power indicator on the back so its only be used if iphone needed, with polycarbonate protection.

Battery Boost: Up to 7 hours talk time, up to 40 hours audio playback
Cost: $79.95

3. Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Mophie Juice Pack Plus available in a variety of colors that you can choose. iPhone battery case is able to make the iPhone battery is more than twice of his ability. By charging via USB, you can set it to 'standby; when you do not need extra power. There are LED indicators that let you see how much battery power is left. In addition to protecting the iPhone, hard-shell case Mophie Juice Pack Plus is specially designed so the audio can still function normally.

Battery Boost: Up to 8 hours talk time, up to 44 hours audio playback
Harga: $99.95

4. Kensington PowerGuard

The ability of the Kensington PowerGuard to save the iPhone battery is not as good as the other battery cases but PowerGuard has a built-in flip-out stand for portrait or landscape viewing. PowerGuard also offers comprehensive protection with the smooth design, built-in volume control buttons and an LED battery indicator.

Battery Boost: Up to 4 hours of talk time, up to 22 hours of audio playback
Harga: $59.99

5. Logic3 PowerSleeve
Like the other battery cases, PowerSleeve also offers battery capabilities is more than twice the original battery capabilities. To consider, PowerSleeve sold cheaper, not up to $ 50. PowerSleeve only available in black and are not designed quite interesting. But if you are looking for battery case with low prices, this PowerSleeve could be a top choice for iPhone 4/4S.

Battery Boost: Up to 7 hours talk time, up to 40 hours audio playback
Harga: $49.99
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Apple Indecisive Regarding iPhone Design to Be Released This Year

iphone 5

Although Apple has yet to officially announce the anticipated next-generation iPhone, rumors have begun to pour in as is the case every year. Apple may in fact be, however, testing two iPhone prototypes, as they’re still deciding which to unveil later this year.
In total, there are at-least two iPhone prototypes floating around the Cupertino campus in “thick, locked shells in order to disguise the exterior design,” according to a report published by 9to5Mac.
Said report cites “independent” sources – they say that the two prototypes are code-named N41AP (5,1) and N42AP (5,2). Each model sports a larger, 3.95 inch screen, which has been the rumored in the iOS world and each includes a resolution of 640 x 1136, or an extra 176 pixels vertically versus the iPhone 4S/4.
To utilize the larger resolution, Apple is said to be testing newer builds of iOS 6 that add support for a fifth row of applications on an iPhone’s home screen and allow for “extended application user interfaces that offer views of more content.”
Both prototypes include a physical home button and also a smaller dock connector lining the bottom.
These latest rumors on behalf of 9to5Mac are similar to others that we’ve been hearing in the recent past with the larger screen and smaller dock connectors especially. The news in this reporting? The fact that Apple is still indecisive regarding the design of the next-generation iPhone which supports the notion that Apple will unveil such a device in the fall rather than next month at WWDC 2012.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yet Another Service to Get Premium Paid Apps Completely Free

free app daily

While it’s not a new offering, FreeAppDaily has thus far been my number one stop for getting paid applications absolutely free – it’s legal, it’s easy and it supports app developers.
Boasting both a web app and also an application on the App Store, FreeAppDaily allows users to get popular paid applications without paying. By simply downloading and opening three sponsor apps, you’ll be awarded with a functional promotional code to download the featured app for each day.
Once the supply of a given app depletes, another will be offered. These can be decided by the users thanks to an integrated voting system that allows you to vote for a select list of apps to be freed next. Each day you visit the voting section, you get one more vote – three additional votes will be awarded to the user every third day.
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Doodle Tales App Review – Let Loose Your Child’s Creativity

Doodle Tales

Europress, a leading producer of family-orientated video games, launched their third iOS endeavor onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Doodle Tales allows children to unleash their imaginations. Best of all, it’s completely [mostly] free.
Doodle Tales allows children to organize their thoughts and concentrate them into making fully-functional storybooks.
Many tools are provided for composing doodles. These include brushes (pencils, crayons, etc.), stamps, borders, backgrounds and more. While some are available for free, Europress has consolidated their large variety of supplies into optional in-app purchases that can be downloaded and later restored to users’ devices, which include people, animals, houses and other things accordingly grouped.
After completing the artwork for a storybook, text and even recorded audio can be added to individual pages to give each significant meaning and personality – this aids in the overall creation of a full-fledged storybook.
Upon the completion of a storybook, you can share your creations to the large database of other users. Stories can be rated, and using this social feature you can also discover other well-created stories, which can be viewed and played.
Although the interface of the application is evidently meant to be used by younger children, it takes some time to get a grip on Doodle Tale’s features. It comes packed with over 20 tutorials representative of its large interface that will require time to get accustomed to. While it’s a good thing that Europress have packed so much into one free app, no young child will be able to utilize every one of Doodle Tale’s functions.
Europress have redefined the educational category of the App Store with Doodle Tales. Not only does it boast an intuitive user-interface with easily navigable menus, the application is equipped with enough content to whet any child’s creativity. You’ll undoubtedly want to check out Doodle Tales for free on the App Store for a worthwhile application catered towards parents and kids alike.
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Spigen SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector Review for iPhone 4S/4


Eventually, all typical screen films either get grubby and nasty, begin to peel in the corners or have ugly spots and scratches. In the case of Spigen SGP’s GLAS.t ($27.99) screen protecting solutions for the iPhone 4S, however, the aforementioned is completely avoidable.
The GLAS.t for the iPhone is a premium tempered glass screen protector catered to users who clumsily and frequently drop their devices. When we first heard about such a product, we thought the idea wasn’t possible – we didn’t know how the developing company, Spigen SGP, could pull off a glass screen protector and meet the sensitivity of the naked iPhone screen while also assuring no damage could be brought to the iPhone’s similarly glass screen.
0.4mm-thick, the GLAS.t is a much superior solution than your usual screen protectors. The process of installation was fairly straightforward. After peeling back the adhesive side, you simply line up the glass with your iPhone’s front and press down in the center; this part of the installation is pretty neat considering you can see the adhesive bonds forming against your screen. You can use the included squeegee to push out any prominent bubbles while smaller bubbles should dissipate within a few days after installation.
Once I installed the GLAS.t any doubts I previously had about it completely disappeared. There are no indications of an additional, virtual screen layering my natural iPhone’s display; instead, the GLAS.t retains the iPhone’s vibrant display capabilities. You don’t even notice the extra layer until you place your finger on the home button and feel the surrounding thickness. For this reason, Spigen SGP have thrown in six home screen covers in three different colors that can be applied.
Similarly, the responsiveness of the screen doesn’t falter one bit. No rough edges, no pressure marks – all just the same as before but with the added satisfaction of a layer of protection.
There was one gripe that I had with the GLAS.t. While the result is fantastic, you only have one shot at installation. You have to position the film perfectly to line up its cutouts with their respective areas on the front of the iPhone on your first try. It’s not like other protectors where you can reposition afterwards. Once installed, the GLAS.t is cemented in place and takes some prying to be removed.
In the past I haven’t quite preferred the lengthy installation processes or the overall result of the various screen protectors I’ve used. While the GLAS.t does have some minor issues, it’s our top recommendation for the most satisfying screen-protecting solution. Without a doubt, the $27.99 investment doesn’t hinder our decision of rating the GLAS.t a 5/5 stars.
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Unique Dribbble Design: Fold to Unlock

fold to unlock

Apple’s patented slide to unlock method for unlocking an iOS device has received a decent revamp via a designer on Dribbble.
While AppAdvice did beat me to the punch in terms of posting this wonderful piece of art, I was looking through Dribbble’s featured section yesterday to come across the following item posted by Austin Kudin.
The method would work like this: instead of sliding to unlock, the user would simply slide their finger from left to right anywhere on the screen to have their lock screen fold away to reveal their homescreen.
The creator, Austin Kudin, does admit that he was inspired by another mockup for Android designed again by a Dribbble user.
Of course, there are some qualms people would inevitably have with such a method. It would allow you to see the homescreen, which could potentially be a problem if you have a passcode – however, there’s really no confidential information on anyone’s homescreen.

Though we probably won’t see such a method to be implemented into iOS by Apple, a jailbreak tweak is imminent.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Absurd Rumor? Bendable iPhone to Come Soon from Apple

We’ve previously heard about the Liquidmetal iPhone – now, another rumor that you should questionably take with or without a pinch of salt: a bendable iPhone.
Future iterations of the iPhone could incorporated Samsung’s OLED display, which is flexible. According to a report by The Korean Times, Samsung has reportedly received a “huge” number of orders for the company’s flexible display.
Industry sources have agreed:
“Apple is likely to be one of the handset makers asking Samsung to provide them flexible screens.”
Apple has yet to confirm such speculation and knowing their past record, they definitely won’t. Thus far, there’s been no confirmation from Samsung’s spokespersons either – they’ve declined to talk about the order and how Apple fits into the whole scheme of things. Another industry official said Samsung “wouldn’t be this bullish about flexible OLED screens if Apple wasn’t sharing its enthusiasm.”
The report noted that Apple (if the company purchasing the screens is in fact the Cupertino-based tech giant) would buy $11 billion worth of the OLED displays and memory screens from Samsung in 2012. Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets is expected to make the switch from LCD to OLED displays later this year; a move that could support that Apple would eventually make the switch for both the next-generation iPhone and potentially the next iPad.
How would you like to see a bendable iPhone?
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Siri Claims Nokia Lumia 900 is ‘Best Smartphone Ever’

Siri best phone

Since the time of her (its?) existence, the iPhone 4S’ virtual assistant, Siri, has gained a reputation for the quirky answers she delivers to some questions.
These kinds of answers have already earned the assistant her own blog for crazy remarks she makes entitled Shit Siri Says. For example, asking Siri where you can hide a body will turn you up with local places among the lines of dumps, reservoirs, and others of the same nature.
Yesterday, though, Siri breached the line of simply crazy remarks and crossed into insane remarks. In a report published by TheNextWeb, Siri has supposedly claimed that the new Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever.
Has Siri suddenly gained a mind of her own and she’s beginning to resent her creators? Most likely not – the answer behind this whole affair lies within the method Siri uses to attain her answers: Wolfram Alpha’s database.
Wolfram Alpha’s service gets its answers, in this department, from the collection of user reviews and such. Since the Nokia Lumia 900 is fairly new, the database of reviews must have been limited and once user probably used the term “best smartphone ever” in his/her review of the handset.
While simply asking Siri, “what is the best smartphone ever?” doesn’t return with the pictured result, you can add an additional term to the beginning. Stating, “Wolfram Alpha what is the best smartphone ever,” prompts Siri to resort to Wolfram’s database and will return with the Nokia Lumia 900 as the answer.
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Review: ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus

Thanks to the folks over at ZOMM, the painful ordeals of leaving your iPhone behind somewhere are imminent. Catering to users who are overly forgetful, the Wireless Leash Plus ($89.99) boasts a method that is mutually clever and helpful and ever so satisfying.

Without the slightest doubt, it’s painful realizing that you’ve forgotten your device once you’ve loaded up and are heading out. It’s even worse when you’re far away from the place where you’ve left it. Although it may seem like the end, ZOMM have successfully endeavored to create the Wireless Leash Plus – an invisible leash for any bluetooth-enabled phone or device that will ensure you never again leave your phone behind.
The amount of things that the Wireless Leash Plus is capable of doing is in no way indicated by its size. About as thick as an iPhone and a bit taller/wider than inch, the key fob will pair to your device via bluetooth and ensure both your device’s ultimate safety as well as your own. When the leash and the paired device are separated past a distance defined by the user, the leash will emit a subtle, but distinct, alarm to alert you. Similarly, walking off without the leash will result in a handy little notification on your phone.

From the point of unboxing the product, ZOMM’s attention to detail is immediately evident. The packaging sports a modern, clean look and everything within the box is neatly arranged in cutouts sized accordingly. The leash has been dedicated the spotlight right in the middle of the initial layer; underneath, you’ll have the manual, a simplified ZOMM keychain, an AC adapter and also a USB charging cable. Upon charging the leash up to the optimal level, indicated by the LED light that will steadily glow, you’ll be able to use all of its functions.
The actual leash boasts a cool, slick aesthetic with measures used to make the actual design as simplistic as possible. The leash comes equipped with a speaker, an LED light, a vibrator, a microphone and one center button. Although the design is minimal, the actual functionality has been executed flawlessly.

Setup requires almost no time at all. The manual details the process. For the iPhone, you simply must toggle bluetooth on via the Settings app (general—>bluetooth) and can thereon pair the two devices. There are two ways to configure the ZOMM to your preference. Without using the free desktop software, you can use the myZOMM app when on the go.

Above product is the Wireless Leash that doesn't work with myZOMM app
The application allows you to control the volume level of the leash. It also allows you to tweak your preferences and activate its “Call Notification” feature to find your ZOMM – this will send a signal to the leash making it emit a loud beep; perfect for situations when you can’t find your keys.
Within the application’s confines, you can also supply the Wireless Leash Plus with an emergency number to call. Set as 911 as default, you can change the number – when this feature is put to use, you can either use the leash or your phone to listen/talk to the receiving party. A simple push of the Z button puts the call through.
The leash radius can be specified in the app as either “short” or “long”. Once you’ve breached this distance, the leash will vibrate, blink and beep.
As an added feature, you can define custom presets. Allowing for an unlimited number, each of the above can be tweaked individually and can also be titled individually. This especially helps.
The amount of features doesn’t end there. As we’ve said above, the ZOMM can be used in lieu of a bluetooth handset. You can switch between the iPhone’s speaker or the leash’s. Additionally, the application offers geo-tagging – utilizing the iPhone’s GPS features, you can take pictures of images and later return to see where they were taken thanks to a map that will be supplied upon clicking on specific images. This can help with finding your car.

While it may be an investment, the Wireless Leash Plus is worthy of your $89.99 no matter what angle you consider. For such a small device, the results are incredibly satisfying. With so many capabilities, the ZOMM Leash Plus is an endeavor that has sufficiently augmented the market for iPhone accessories, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Favorite Magical Puzzle Game ‘Potions!” Receives a Major Update


We were enchanted by dDurian’s debut puzzle game ‘Potions!’ (yes, the ! at the end of the title makes it that much cooler) to the point we awarded the game four out of five stars and kept in touch with the developer about a major update set to change the game’s very landscape. Thus, are happy to report that the game has gone far in improving itself from a polished conglomeration of beautiful artwork with tepid gameplay into a work of fun and addiction.
Today, version 2.0 of ‘Potions!’ was released, bringing with it a whole new game mode. Endless Mode is not a tacked-together merging of Stages into a simple continuous string of alchemy, but rather a full-fledged mode that practically feels like a total contrast to the game’s previous content that greatly expands upon the formula that was already in play. Mixing potions becomes a challenge amidst a speeding “magical” conveyor belt and an innate risk of putting together an incorrect ingredient combination. Potion ingredient difficulty increases as does multiplier, making leaderboard dominance a top priority and one that carries a certain enjoyment.
Once the basics of alchemy are down and potion-mixing becomes natural (through a help dialog that we found to be quite memorable and charming, a huge step-up from writing typically found in games of this nature), we found it easy to get enthralled into the new mode. The timer ticks down fast enough to make you press yourself against the clock to successfully mix each new potion that appears, transpiring gameplay to be fast-paced with multiple layers of challenge requiring a cunning skill set of memorization, speed, and let’s not forget flicking.
Smart, addicting puzzle games with artwork that showcases the Retina Display seem to come along rarely in these copycat days of the App Store. ‘Potions!’ is a compelling treat that is best enjoyed through the new Endless Mode included in the latest update. If you have been looking for a new addiction or are trying to curb your Angry Birds in favor of something with a little more sorcery, give ‘Potions!’ a mixing.
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