Monday, April 23, 2012

AT&T vs Verizon Wireless (Before you buy an iPhone, READ THIS)

Buying an iPhone? Top Rated Review on AT&T vs. Verizon Wireless

Thinking of buying an iPhone? Read this TOP rated review on ATT vs. Verizon Wireless. After all, they are the only two companies currently offering the iPhone, which will hopefully change with the new iPhone 5 coming June of 2012! Our hope is that it will be offered on all networks in the USA.
So you have probably heard a lot of good and bad things about AT&T and Verizon Wireless, but we are going to get right in to the comparison:
We recommend AT&T
ATT Network is based on GSM Technology (Worldwide), Verizon is CDMA (USA only)
ATT Voice plans (monthly $39.99 for 450 min, $59.99 for 900 min, $69.99 unlimited) Verizon is the same.
ATT Texting plans (monthly $10.00 for 1000 msgs or $20.00 unlimited) Verizon is $10.00 for 500 msgs of $20.00 for unlimited... (they force you to pay $20.00 more, NO ONE texts 500 messages or less which means you either pay overages or pay the $20.00 max).
ATT Data Plans (monthly $15.00 for 200MB, $25.00 for 2GB or $45 for 4GB). Verizon has only once choice of $29.99 for unlimited service. You could EASILY get by with 2GB. I stream tons of video, songs, youtube, and run lots of apps and I do not hit 2GB until about 2-3 months later. Verizon is basically screwing you out of an extra 10 bucks here.
ATT Tethering (using your iPhone with your laptop so you can be online using your phone as a modem). Monthly fee of $20. (no data, but is included in the att 45$ data plan above). Basically you can select the att data plan of $45.00 and get 4GB of data plus tethering included. Verizon charges $20.00 for 2GB and another $20.00 per GB after that!.
ATT Wi-Fi Hotspot is not currently available on their model of iPhone. Verizon wins here... their model of the iPhone already has Wi-Fi hotspot capability for up to 5 devices. No doubt the next iPhone 5 will have wi-fi capability.
ATT Speeds are estimated at about 24 seconds. Verizon is estimated at 18.5 seconds.
ATT on average has a 5.8% dropped call rate. Verizon is at 2.0% (Not confirmed).
ATT takes the cake on MULTITASKING! On ATT you can be on the phone AND hit the home key and surf the web, text message, email, run apps, etc. You can be on the phone with someone and literally look up directions for them, or text someone else. On Verizon, its a one way street. You are either in the phone or you are using data. They do not allow for multitasking. Boo!

It all depends on YOUR needs....

Basically, you get slightly more coverage with Verizon, but... you are not likely to notice this. Your cell coverage with Verizon is expanded but would only matter if you were traveling to areas that are way off the map. ATT has excellent coverage and usage of the iPhone on their network and has proven to be the best experience. Think about it... ATT has had the iPhone on their network from the beginning! Verizon is still just getting in to the game. ATT knows and has been anticipating issues both known and unknown, preparing for and upgrading their network to provide the best possible experience.
Let's say you are streaming a movie on Netflix, Pandora or Slingbox... the differences in speed are so slight, you wouldn't even notice. That being said, the only real impact is the fact that you can not use voice and data at the same time while on Verizon's network. On ATT you can talk, text and surf all that same time!
A lot of this will change when the new iPhone 5 is released later this year. But for now, we strongly urge ATT based on our experiences over all.

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